VETERANS: Remember Pearl Harbor?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A sad day in the USA’s history. Caused by the treachery of FDR. A lot of death, dismemberments, and disruptions. Caused the Baby Boom and all its associated problems. Disrupted families for decades to come. I feel that it changed my life and my attitude towards life at a very very young age. It certainly changed the USA by empowering Big Gooferment. And, it all could have been avoid if the various leaders were less egotistical and manipulative. 

Requiescat In Pacem to the people that died there on that day.

A special place in Hell for the politicians and bureaucrats.

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VETERANS: I didn’t know about the Arlington Ladies

Saturday, November 19, 2016

At Arlington National Cemetery, America’s heroes are never buried alone
Published November 11, 2016

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Whether it’s in the rain, snow or sweltering heat, no matter what branch of America’s armed services is being honored at Arlington National Cemetery, there is one thing that remains constant – they will never be buried alone.

The fallen servicemen and women’s funerals are attended daily by the Arlington Ladies, a group of volunteers who cover all Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard burials at the historic cemetery in Virginia.

“Some veterans or their families learn about the Arlington Ladies and think that they need to schedule us, and that is never the case,” Air Force Arlington Lady Sandra Griffin said in an AARP video released this week in honor of Veterans Day. “Regardless of the situation whether there is family or not, we’ll always be there,” she said.

*** and ***

On any given weekday at Arlington, as many as 30 war dead and veterans are laid to rest, according to AARP Bulletin.

In addition to the funeral rituals of a honor guard, rifle volley, the playing of taps and the presentation of a folded American flag, the Arlington Ladies speak to the families of the fallen and hand over envelopes to their next of kin.

Inside the envelopes? A condolence card from the armed service’s chief of staff and a handwritten note from the Arlington Lady, usually written after researching the service member’s life online.

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Well done, ladies. At a time when talk is cheap, their actions say it all.

Brings a tear to the eye of this grumpy fat old white guy injineer.

As I’ve said before, when there is a KIA, the funeral should be attended by the politicians that “represent” that “casualty”. That means both of the Senators and the Representative should meet the family and grieve with them. Maybe then they’d be more considerate of how they use them as props for their political ambitions and “great” ideas.


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VETERANS: World War II combat veterans are life’s work

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nov 10, 3:35 PM EST

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — For as long as he can remember, Rishi Sharma’s heroes haven’t been sports stars or movie stars or any other kind of stars. They’ve been the U.S. combat veterans who won World War II.

Alarmed that even the youngest of them are now in their 90s and dying each day by the hundreds, the Southern California teenager has launched a campaign to try to ensure each one’s legacy.

“I’m on a mission to in-depth film interview a World War II combat veteran every single day,” the earnest 19-year-old says after a recent afternoon spent in the living room of William R. Hahn of Los Angeles, where Sharma mined the 93-year-old’s memories for hours.

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An admirable effort.

I wish that I had captured the stories of all my relatives, some of whom were vets.

A great project by a son of immigrants.

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VETERANS: The Color of War and “war crimes”

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Color of War

The Color of War is a History Channel documentary series narrated by Peter Coyote, presenting fresh perspectives on the day-to-day experience of World War II. Using a striking assemblage of color footage and photographs from national archives and private collections, the Color of War opens fresh perspectives on the day-to-day from every possible front. From the first draftees thrown into the breach to the sheer boredom between battles to the uniforms worn and the objects carried, this unparalleled saga is further illuminated by letters and diaries, communiques from the battlefield, and the sounds and songs of the era.

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Some of the film seems to show “war crimes”.


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VETERANS: Celebrate Armistice Day; not Veterans Day!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Why politicians hate Armistice Day but love Veterans Day Retweet

By Perry Willis

Veterans Day is Friday, November 11th. It used to be called Armistice Day. It was a day that remembered the moment when the First World War ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. Armistice Day was a valuable holiday. It constantly reminded people of the biggest mistake that politicians ever made… Armistice Day to celebrate "no more war"

A world war fought over absolutely nothing!

Alas, the politicians could not abide such a reminder of their own folly, and so Armistice Day was eventually changed to something the politicians could exploit — Veterans Day. Whereas Armistice Day highlighted the dangers of militarism and interventionism, Veterans Day promotes these schemes. Yes, the holiday includes appreciation for soldiers past and present, but it’s also used by politicians to tell…

A Big Lie

Politicians exploit Veterans Day (and Memorial Day too) to claim that they used our soldiers to defend freedom. But is that really true? We’re going to stress-test this claim between now and November 11th. We’ll review our wars and interventions one-by-one and ask the following questions…

  • Was the war necessary to defend America?
  • Did the politicians use our veterans to defend freedom or harm freedom?
  • Did the war make things better or worse?

We believe the evidence is overwhelming that the politicians’ wars have…

  • Made America less safe
  • Harmed freedom
  • Made the world worse, on balance
  • Injured and destroyed veterans for little benefit

But you’ll be be able to judge for yourself as we present the evidence. We do this because…

We want to prevent the loss of more young lives in useless wars

Alas, experience has taught us that we’re not allowed to speak the truth on Veterans Day or Memorial Day. It’s okay to lie about our wars on those days. The lies are greeted with enthusiasm. But the truth is met with howls of outrage and shouted down. And so…

If the truth must be silent on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, that’s all the more reason for it to be proclaimed loudly on the days before. That’s what we intend to do between now and November 11th.

If our case convinces you, please share it with others. Start a conversation about the correct way to honor veterans and the war dead. We believe it should be possible to honor their courage and mourn their loss, without telling lies about how they were used. We hope you’ll consider our case in the days ahead.

Perry Willis is the co-founder of Downsize DC and the co-creator of the Zero Aggression Project

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This is subtle change that I never realized until this pointed it out to me.


Let’s bring all the girls, boys, women, and men home now! We have so many politicians and bureaucrats to send in their place if it’s really needed!

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VETERANS: VA Suicide Hotlines Abandoned

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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VA Suicide Hotlines Abandoned – source National Review On-Line 

World Suicide Prevention Week recently came and went invisibly-again. Society these days seems more emotionally investing in facilitating suicides of the ill and disabled than preventing theirs and those of other despairing people. But preventing the suicides of our military veterans has been one of the few exceptions, with a great deal of time and energy devoted the prevention cause.

Alas, VA bureaucrats apparently remain indifferent to the suicide prevention cause with 1/3 of the calls to hotlines going unanswered. According to a CBS story:

– More than one-third of calls to a suicide hotline for troubled veterans are not being answered by front-line staffers because of poor work habits and other problems at VA, according to the hotline’s former director.

– Some hotline workers handle fewer than five calls per day and leave before their shifts end, even as crisis calls have increased sharply in recent years, said Greg Hughes, the former director of V A’s V eterans Crisis Line.

– Hughes said in an internal email that some crisis line staffers “spend very little time on the phone or engaged in assigned productive activity.” Coverage at the crisis line suffers “because we have staff that routinely request to leave early,” he said.

Is it any wonder people are rapidly losing faith in our institutions?

*** end quote ***

This should be a national disgrace.

22 military suicides per day was number I’ve heard.

This should be SOMEBODY’S priority.

If not DOD, then VA.


I know, let stop creating these cases, by bringing all the girls, boys, women, and men home now!

(We have so many UNCARING politicians and bureaucrats to send in their place if it’s really needed!)

Dona Nobis Pacem

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VETERANS: An Independence Day lesson

Monday, July 4, 2016


Vietnam captain recalls trick that faked the enemy, saved lives and earned Medal of Honor
By Carole Glines  Published June 30, 2016

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A U.S. helicopter finally arrived, and Bucha directed the evacuation of the wounded. When the enemy withdrew the next morning, he learned that his team had killed more than 150 North Vietnamese.

But 10 Americans in his platoon had also died.

When he learned he would receive the Medal of Honor, Bucha told a sergeant, “I don’t deserve it.”

*** end quote ***

Hopefully, the lesson for today is not to waste these brave men’s lives for trivial purposes.

Bring all the girls and boys home now and send all the politicians and bureaucrats to replace them.

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