VETERANS: Where is a national apology to all the in-country Viet Nam vets?

Friday, March 29, 2019


FROM Karen O’Connell Bednarski

Today is a day put aside for the service personnel of the Viet Nam Veterans Era, especially those who were in Viet Nam. .. to all “welcome home?…think of good memories and thank you for your service!


I was only in “the Era”; not out in the boonies. Those guys — mostly men — deserve a national apology to them and their families for what they brought home (i.e., the multi-generational harm of Agent Orange). Those are the real heroes.

And, let’s not forget those who never got to come home and those who went underground and to Canada to avoid being sent to the “meat grinder” for no good reason other than the hubris of politicians and bureaucrats. Thanks, Ike, JFK, Nixon, McNamara, and their ilk.

Makes me sad to think of my lost best friend and all those who came back “changed”.

And, my amazement is that “We, The Sheeple” have learned nothing from it. We have decades of constant war. Sending now young women, and men, into various “meat grinders” around the world for no good reason that I can determine.

Argh! If only we’d have elected Ron Paul, then we’d have a sane foreign policy. Instead of new KIAs, MIAs, WIAs, and broken Vets to regret creating.

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VETERANS: An outrageous push to mutilate a war memorial

Saturday, February 2, 2019

It looks like America’s next big religious-freedom case could center on the war memorial known as the “Peace Cross.” The Supreme Court justices recently agreed to hear the case this year.God

Source: An outrageous push to mutilate a war memorial

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To find this is “religious” is absurd!

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VETERANS: “Let There Be Light” The Documentary The Army Suppressed

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Authored by Chris Calton via The Mises Institute, At the end of the second World War, filmmaker John Huston got a commission from the US Army to produce a documentary of new treatments for psychiatric casualties of the war. This occurred when experimental treatments such as hypnosis or injections of sodium pentothal were being introduced into psychiatric therapy.

Source: Let There Be Light: The Documentary The Army Suppressed

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What else has the Gooferment stamped as “SECRET” to avoid “bad optics”?

Pity the poor vets (TWENTY PER CENT!!!) who were put threw a mental meat grinder for the pleasure of the politicians and bureaucrats.


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VETERANS: Veterans Affairs Dept. won’t repay underpaid GI Bill benefits

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Veterans Affairs Dept. tells Capitol Hill it won’t repay underpaid GI Bill benefits recipients

  • The news conflicts with a promise VA officials made to a House committee earlier this month that it would reimburse those veterans who received less than the full amount they were due.
  • Nov. 28, 2018 / 8:40 PM EST / Updated Nov. 28, 2018 / 8:52 PM EST
  • By Phil McCausland

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For weeks, student veterans across the country have raised an alarm about delayed or incorrect GI Bill benefit payments, which the Department of Veterans Affairs has blamed on computer issues.

But on Wednesday, the department told congressional staffers that it would not reimburse those veterans who were paid less than they were owed, two committee aides told NBC News.

The news conflicts with a promise VA officials made to a House committee earlier this month that it would reimburse those veterans who received less than the full amount they were due.

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Are the politicians and bureaucrats this “tone deaf”?

When are we going to stop screwing around with Vets?


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How elite military and scientific teams bring home fallen U.S. soldiers | Popular Science

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

All of Oxford’s siblings, friends, and his ­fiancée were dead by the time his family held a service for him in a high school auditorium near Concord. Nonetheless, hundreds of people turned out—dozens of relatives, as well as scores of neighbors, veterans, local politicians, and other well-wishers. At a cere­mony before the burial, a framed photo of the airman stood next to his casket. Beside it, his family placed pictures of the other seven Hot as Hell crewmembers.

Source: How elite military and scientific teams bring home fallen U.S. soldiers | Popular Science

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No man left behind!

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VETERANS: All veterans need “new blood”

Sunday, May 6, 2018

American Legion seeking ‘new blood’
Maria Herlihy — May 5 2018 12:00 AM

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The American Legion was founded in 1919 in Paris and is a non-profit, patriotic, wartime vetrans organization and has since grown to be the nation’s largest wartime organization of 2.5 million worldwide members. It was  founded on the values, contributions and sacrificies of those who answered their country’s call to arms.  

A person who is seeking to join must have served in the marine corps, coast guard, army or the air force. However, Pat Mulcahy explained that they did not have to have been in combat but they must have served in the army during war time. 

“I’m afraid our members are dwindling downwards due to age and this year we lost four members,” he said. 

*** end quote ***

Sadly true. Seems like the young vets don’t join either the AL or the VFW.

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VETERANS: I wonder how much “Agent Orange” damaged vets

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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What profession did you follow after your military service and what are you doing now? 
After obtaining my private pilot’s license, I enrolled in Advanced Flying Training using my GI bill benefits. By the time I up for my third reenlistment, I had my commercial pilot’s licenses with instrument and multi-engine ratings and my flight instructor certificate. I was unhappy with the way the military was changing after we withdrew from Vietnam so I decided not to reenlist even though I had 12 years in service.

I went into aviation, first as a flight instructor and charter pilot then was hired as a corporate pilot by a major corporation (Ashland Oil.) I flew corporate from 1984 to 2000 then flew as contract pilot until 2010 when I was placed on medication for nerve pain caused by Type II diabetes that the FAA does not approve.

Since I quit flying, I have spent my time writing. I’ve authored several books, some of which are Air Force related. They can be seen at I had intended to finish out my 20 years in the Reserves or guard but when I went for my physical, I learned I was just over the enlistment weight. I never joined either the Reserves or Guard.

I am currently rated 60% disabled due to Type II diabetes and complications caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

*** end quote ***

Special place in hell for the person who decided to use that “weapon”.

As well as for all the politicians and bureaucrats that sent us to an unwinable war.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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