INSPIRATIONAL: Second Graders Wrote Adorable Letters On Behalf Of Shelter Animals

Second Graders Wrote Adorable Letters On Behalf Of Shelter Animals To Get Them Adopted, And It Worked Interview

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Kensey Jones, a volunteer at RACC (Richmond Animal Care & Control) and a second grade teacher, decided to combine her wholesome activities together. Despite their lack of language skills, children can be very persuasive. The second-graders at St. Michael’s Episcopal School in Richmond, Virginia, practiced their persuasive writing under a very peculiar set of circumstances.

What did they do, exactly? They tried writing from a shelter animal’s perspective to persuade potential adopters to, well, adopt. They wrote cute texts and drew portraits of the animals all by themselves. Scroll down to read the whole story, and see how it turned out! Spoilers: the mission was successful.

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Give that teacher a raise.  And, extend the idea across the nation.

I thought the idea was great and the results were even better.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “Teacher, leave that kid alone”

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Not My Kids
Noelle Mering

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What we saw in Virginia can serve as a road map moving forward. When dealing with an abusive narcissist, the only response is to marginalize him, to not give him an ounce of credibility, and to hold fast to the clarity of one who has seen him for what he is. Our response to manipulation should be simple and plain: we see it, we see through it, and it has no power over us.

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Time to end the Gooferment involvement in education.

“If the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to sabotage black academic excellence, he could not find a more effective means to do so than the government school system in most cities.” — Walter Williams

It is time to plan and execute an exit strategy form Gooferment Skrules.

The current system of “education” came from Prussia where the objectives were to make: cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite.

Where do “the Elite” send their children to school?

Surely not the “public” Gooferment Skrules.

What more evidence do you need?


District Attorney: Armed Beer Store Clerk Justified in Killing Robber at Nearby Business

WFMZ reports that the man who intervened was following Mussa because he had robbed the beer store before entering Drake’s Pizza.

Source: District Attorney: Armed Beer Store Clerk Justified in Killing Robber at Nearby Business

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It’s sad that a human being was killed. It’s sad that another human being has to carry that burden for the rest of his life. It’s sad that there was an injury presumed from “friendly fire”.

It is good that criminals are called to account.

I’d rather they all be afraid of the honest citizen than the other way around.

Politicians and bureaucrats want to disarm the people for their own nefarious purposes.

(I’ve given up the idea that they are honestly trying to make the country safer. Honest but mistaken. In the light of their continued insistence in complete disarmament to extent they talk about door to door search and siezure as if was even possible. They can’t even disarm criminals. Or keep drugs out of their prisons. So what is their motivation if it’s not to put people into camps?)

Seems like the Virginia “Democratic” legislature has just “poked the proverbial tiger with a stick”. “I fear all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.” — apocryphal quote attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto played by Soh Yamamura in the movie ‘Tora Tora Tora’

Μολὼν λαβέ … … from my cold dead hand!

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POLITICAL: Too late for me to save Amerika


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Dear Favorite Gooferment Worker,

It seems each summer flies by faster than the last.

So the 2012 Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC), which takes place September 13-15 in Chantilly, Virginia, is quickly approaching!

I wanted to make you aware of two important updates regarding our Conference.

1.) I’m proud to announce that Congressman Ron Paul is confirmed to speak!

For over 30 years, Congressman Paul has stood up in defense of the Constitution and individual freedom, and his founding of C4L in 2008 ensured a continuing grassroots impact on the political landscape by liberty-minded activists.

Congressman Paul joins Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Joel Salatin, Jack Hunter, Mike Church, and many more as an LPAC 2012 speaker.  

2.) Our Early Bird rate, which discounts tickets to all three days of main stage activities to only $85 (and includes our grassroots training), was scheduled to expire July 1. 

But to help as many people as possible attend LPAC 2012, we’re extending the time to take advantage of this rate.

The Early Bird discount will now be available through July 8!

We won’t be able to stretch our deadline again.  So once this deal is gone, it’s gone!

Although we’ve extended our Early Bird rate, don’t wait until the last minute to save your spot.

LPAC 2012 is guaranteed to be an exciting, motivating, and encouraging weekend for all those desiring to reclaim the Republic and restore the Constitution.

And our grassroots training will equip you with the tools you need to turn your passion into effective action.

Visit to learn more about our Conference activities and reserve your ticket(s) today.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us at

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S.  I’m excited to announce that Congressman Ron Paul is confirmed to speak at LPAC 2012!

And I also wanted to let you know that our Early Bird rate on LPAC 2012 tickets, which includes access to all three days of main Conference activities and our grassroots training for just $85, has been extended until July 8.


Even though our deadline to obtain our Early Bird discount has been extended, don’t wait until the last minute to save your spot.

Visit to learn more about our Conference activities and reserve your ticket(s) today!

And be sure to contact us at with any questions.

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Dear Favorite Gooferment Worker:

No. I was planning to take a week down at Casa Reinke and just “try to remember”.

(Yes, my life is governed by old songs, TV shows, and great quotes.)

Although it’s right nearby. It’ll just make me want to move to NH. Besides, I’m at the end of my journey. It’s too late for me to make or effect any meaningful change.

For better or worse, it’s up to you young people and the rest of “We, The Sheeple” to correct the mistakes of my and previous generations.

Sadly, “we” were not as smart as the Dead Old White Guys.

More sadly, neither is your generation.

I won’t be around to see the demise of the American Experiment (in self governance). But, maybe I have. It’ll goes back to Wilson creating the Federal Reserve System. The Republic was “Dead Man Walking” from that point on.

“to late, we get smart” Ferd 

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RANT: Home Schoolers locked out of sports

Sports Authority
Posted by Adam Schaeffer

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Home schooling is the most dynamic and innovative segment of K-12 education. But even with technological advances, co-ops and hybrid schooling, taking on that level of individual responsibility for a child’s education is difficult.

One particularly difficult problem for home school families in Virginia and elsewhere is competitive sports, particularly in high school.

A private non-profit organization, the Virginia High School League, governs high school sports for public schools in Virginia and determines eligibility for participation. Home-school and private-school parents pay taxes for the public schools, but their kids are banned from participating in local high school sports run through the government schools.

For private school kids, that’s not typically a major problem; they have enough students to field teams and schools for their own league. But home-schoolers, especially in rural areas, don’t have those numbers. And that means they are out of luck.

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The problem isn’t the Gooferment closing home schoolers out of sports.

The problem is Gooferment Skrules, period.

In so many dimensions, the Gooferment running Skrules is wrong.

It violates the First Amendment. (I’m force to pay taxes to teach other people’s children things that both their parents and I disagree with. How immoral is that?)

Nuke the Gooferment Skrules and eliminate lots of problems.

Does ANY one think that parents would educate their children?

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