INSPIRATIONAL: Second Graders Wrote Adorable Letters On Behalf Of Shelter Animals

Second Graders Wrote Adorable Letters On Behalf Of Shelter Animals To Get Them Adopted, And It Worked Interview

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Kensey Jones, a volunteer at RACC (Richmond Animal Care & Control) and a second grade teacher, decided to combine her wholesome activities together. Despite their lack of language skills, children can be very persuasive. The second-graders at St. Michael’s Episcopal School in Richmond, Virginia, practiced their persuasive writing under a very peculiar set of circumstances.

What did they do, exactly? They tried writing from a shelter animal’s perspective to persuade potential adopters to, well, adopt. They wrote cute texts and drew portraits of the animals all by themselves. Scroll down to read the whole story, and see how it turned out! Spoilers: the mission was successful.

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Give that teacher a raise.  And, extend the idea across the nation.

I thought the idea was great and the results were even better.


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