BITCOIN: Several communities are finding value in bitcoin — transmittal, micropayments, and inflation protection

Block Inc. Survey Addresses Misconceptions About Bitcoin: Report
By Shawn Amick

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Block, a Bitcoin-oriented financial services firm previously known as Square, just released Bitcoin: Knowledge and Perception, a report detailing a survey of 9,500 participants conducted through a partnership with Wakefield Research to address common misconceptions about bitcoin.

Throughout the questionary, some interesting insights were shared such as:

  • 88% of the respondents are aware of Bitcoin.
  • 73% of no-coiners who know a bitcoiner, are likely to buy bitcoin.
  • The percentage of people optimistic about bitcoin’s future is slightly higher for high-income individuals.
  • Asia has the highest optimism in bitcoin’s future.
  • Adoption is significantly higher on countries with high inflation.
  • 51% of the people not buying it, don’t know enough about it.

There is definitely an area of opportunity in improving education to gain further adoption.

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IMHO as a gun owning pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, bitcoin is a way to bring “financial” liberty to “We, The Sheeple”.

As soon as all the bitcoins are mined, it should be an ever increasing in value “commodity”.  The genius part is the fixed supply. Gooferment can’t “inflate” it.

I hope we see more competition with the fiat monies of the world (i.e., it is worth what I say it’s worth because I say so).