POLITICAL: Using the Electoral College model to eliminate “democracy”?


GOP Candidate’s STATE-LEVEL Electoral College Idea Could Help Rural Areas — and Kill Vote Fraud
The New American ^ | May 21, 2022 | Selwyn Duke

Posted on 5/23/2022, 12:17:44 PM by Ebenezer

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In 2019, the Democrat-controlled Colorado Senate joined a liberal-state pact designed to eliminate our nation’s Electoral College system. Now a Colorado gubernatorial candidate is, far from just mounting a defense against this, taking the offense:

He has proposed instituting an electoral college within his state.

It’s an idea that not only could help rural Centennial State counties, but also could virtually neutralize vote fraud’s effectiveness. The Washington Examiner reports on the story:

One candidate in Colorado’s gubernatorial election has called for eliminating its one-person, one-vote approach in favor of a state-level electoral college….

Greg Lopez, a Republican candidate for Colorado’s governor, has pitched the idea of using an electoral college-based approach for statewide political office, arguing the current system favors large cities at the expense of more rural counties.

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The Dead Old White Guys hated “democracy”.  They saw the French Revolution mob chopping off heads.  

So this fellow seeks to have a similar construct to the Electoral College at the State level.

(I have no idea why the pundit class thinks that it’ll be unconstitutional. Since we have it at the Federal level.)

It would be interesting to try somewhere.  

The Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee has 21 counties and the “rural” ones are always out-voted by the corrupt city Democratic machines.  Imagine if each county got one vote tor governor regardless of the popular vote.  Might change the election calculus?

And, while we are at it, let’s repeal the Seventeenth Amendment (direct election of senators).  The old system was cheaper and gave the States their voice on unfunded mandates. 


Not like any new idea will succeed until secession begins in earnest.