GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Surveillance Partnerships allows the Gooferment to slip its restraints

Fusion Centers: A Dangerous Surveillance Partnership
By: jprivate|Published on: Apr 8, 2022|Categories: Surveillance

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A damning report on the Maine Information Analysis Center (MIAC) or Fusion Center, reveals just how intertwined corporate and government surveillance of the public has become.

Fusion centers are notoriously secretive about public surveillance and what little we know can be summed up thusly: “official secrecy, moreover, cloaks fusion centers, so what little public information is available on a particular fusion center rarely provides much detail on its unique profile.”

The MIAC Shadow Report reveals how law enforcement goes out of their way to hide who’s actually in charge of public surveillance and is preoccupied with people committing conventional crimes.

The report begins by revealing what many of us already knew or suspected; fusion centers have been and continue to surveil protesters and activists.

“Fusion centers are the nerve system of mass criminalization” the report warns. A major concern of the authors is how fusion centers use private corporations to conduct secret facial recognition and social media surveillance of ‘people of interest’ and warns that self-governing fusion centers are fraught with peril.

Despite there being a statewide ban on using facial recognition to ID innocent people, in Maine, there is evidence MIAC uses data brokers to do an end-run around privacy bans.

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Containing Gooferment bureaucrats is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

This threat to our liberty needs to be addressed but the politicians and bureaucrats like it this way just fine.



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