MONEY: Gooferment Debt in a “death spiral”

Welcome To The Death Spiral
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Feb 06, 2023 – 09:00 AM
Authored by John Rubino via Substack,

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And there’s nothing that the monetary authorities can do to stop it, because either choice – keep interest rates high or push them back down – leads to the same place, which is a currency crisis. Meanwhile, each turn of the wheel makes the problem more intractable and the collapse more imminent. That’s what the term “death spiral” refers to: a process that feeds on itself until the system implodes.

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Assuming that they, our wise and merciful Overlords, can see that they can no longer kick the debt can down the road, what can they do?

Easier said than done, cut spending.  The Military Industrial Complex is spending the USA into oblivion.  They have to face the largest share of the cuts.  It would seem that NATO has far outlived its usefulness and should be ended.  Our participation in the UN and all its corrupt activities should also go.

Then, we need to address welfare and entitlements.  Sorry but they have to get cut too.  As humanely as possible.

The cathedral of “education” needs to be starved too.

The entire class of Gooferment drones have to be freed to take on more productive roles.

Unpleasant times for everyone.

The alternative is the fall of Rome.


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