TINFOILHAT: Is this sunken the submarine used by Hitler to escape to Argentina? It’s certainly “Possible”.


Was this sunken submarine used by Hitler to escape to Argentina? Wreck rumoured to have smuggled the Fuhrer to South America could be Nazi U-boat, expert says

  • New images have emerged of a shipwreck rumoured to have helped Hitler escape to Argentina – and experts now say it could be a real Nazi submarine
  • The wreck was discovered near Quequén, a port in central Argentina, by group
  • Experts say it could be a German U-Boat after analysing new pictures of wreck

By Michael Havis For Mailonline

Published: 04:42 EST, 10 November 2022 | Updated: 04:52 EST, 10 November 2022

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New images have emerged of a shipwreck rumoured to have helped Hitler escape to Argentina – and experts now say it could be a real Nazi submarine.

The 262ft-long wreck was discovered near Quequén, a port in central Argentina, by the Eslabón Perdido (Missing Link) research group.

Group leader Abel Basti believes it was a Nazi submarine that could have smuggled Hitler to South America.

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Declassified FBI documents also include one 1945 account of Hitler reaching Argentina by U-boat, but that was at the Valdes Peninsula – some 400 miles south of the newly-found wreckage.

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It’s like every five years or so, something is uncovered that reignites the question.

It certainly seems “5. Possible” that this is a valid “Historical” conspiracy theory.

I’m not sure that “We, The Sheeple” will ever know on this side of the grave what the truth is.

I guess if one could find a body then DNA could be used. Or maybe there are fingerprints on that sub?

But if the “Elite” don’t already “know”, that probably have no interest in exposing any other “dirty little secrets” (i.e., the Russian and Americans hustled German rocket scientist “home” without regard to war crimes).  We know that Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. So I’l just keep watching this topic for more “disclosures.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: How many minutes did it take the police to respond?


Moment the people fight back: Mobile phone theft suspect is stopped in his tracks by HUGE rugby tackle from passer-by before middle-aged woman steps in to apply chokehold to stop him getting away

  • Footage shows the unidentified individual sprinting along St Thomas Street
  • The suspect was wearing black clothing and a surgical mask to cover his face
  • Do you know any of the heroes? Contact jonathan.rose@mailonline.co.uk

By Jonathan Rose For Mailonline
Published: 10:01 EDT, 1 October 2022 | Updated: 11:44 EDT, 1 October 2022

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Several witnesses can be heard saying ‘call the police’, while one states: ‘Rob people and that’s what happens.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Police were called to St Thomas Street, SE1 on 29 September at 15.17hrs to reports of a robbery.

‘It was reported that a woman had her phone stolen by a male who was then detained by members of the public.

‘When officers arrived a short time later, the male and members of the public had left the scene. The phone had been recovered and was back in the woman’s possession.

‘There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.’

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I found this interesting in that the public took care of the problem before the police responded.

Hopefully the thief got a few bruises to remind him of the error of his ways.  Glad that none of the “first responders” apparently weren’t injured. 

“When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

What happens when the thief is willing to use deadly force to steal, rape, or kill?

“God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown

I trust honest citizens to be responsible.   And, they can be held accountable.


ECONOMICS: Here’s at least on good idea to save “Mother Earth”


Waste not, want not! Social media users share their genius ideas for reducing, reusing and recycling – from resending the same birthday card to making an ice cream cone out of a banana leaf

  • People around the world are re-thinking what can be reused or recycled
  • Many people are becoming more aware of their environmental impact
  • Bored Panda collated some people’s very clever yet unusual zero waste tips

By Ellen Coughlan For Mailonline
Published: 04:02 EDT, 13 August 2022 | Updated: 04:09 EDT, 13 August 2022

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With two billion tons of waste dumped every year around the world, people have started to re-think what can be reused or recycled.

Many are becoming more aware of their environmental impact as rubbish sent to landfill represents a significant amount of greenhouse gases which have contributed to climate change.

People from around the world have shared their best zero waste ideas on social media, with Bored Panda collating some in an eye-opening online gallery.

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As you know, I’m not a big believer in the “Mother Earth” Galia worship. But as an fat old white guy injineer, waste indicates that a better process exists and should be deployed.

A banana leaf is a good substitute for that paper wrapped around the ice cream cone.  But I like the cones.

Only serving coffee in the patron’s own cup seems to be a substantial saving.

My personal favorite is the reused birthday card.  Not that I send paper cards, I use e-cards from Jacqueline Lawson. https://www.jacquielawson.com/ which are really beautiful and completely “recyclable”. Laugh!


GUNS: A shotgun may well have saved this man’s life


‘He shot my arm off!’ Robber armed with AR-15 flees California liquor store after 80-year-old owner blasts him with SHOTGUN

  • An 80-year-old business owner Craig Cope defended his store with a shotgun
  • Cope had a heart attack because of the shock, but saw off his attackers 
  • The would-be robbers approached Norco Market & Liquor in Norco, California, planning to rob the store while wearing a facial covering

By Tom Brown For Mailonline

Published: 07:15 EDT, 2 August 2022 | Updated: 12:43 EDT, 2 August 2022

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This is the incredible moment a robber armed with an AR-15 fled screaming from a California liquor store after the 80-year-old owner blasted him with his shotgun.

Craig Cope opened fire after the 23-year-old armed intruder entered his shop in Norco in the early hours of Sunday.

Four suspects armed with guns were waiting outside, planning to rob the store while wearing facial coverings, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

But security camera footage shows Cope reaching for his shotgun and firing at the first robber as he burst in.

The man screamed out after being hit in the shoulder and ran from the store.

‘He shot my arm off! He shot my arm off!’ the man can be heard shouting as he runs back to a black BMW SUV.

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Well, I can’t say I have any sympathy for the robbers.  The guy was lucky he wasn’t killed.