GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Biden, and his inept team; has managed to fuse China and Russia while destroying the USA as a power in the world

EXCLUSIVE – The DEATH of democracy: As Xi Jinping declares ‘change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years’, expert explains how inept Western leaders are paving the way for autocrats to take over the world by failing to tackle domestic issues

  •     Democracy is in a fight with autocracy for control of the future, author warns
  •     Charles Dunst says it is in danger of losing unless it rapidly gets its act together 

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline
Published: 03:45 EDT, 22 March 2023 | Updated: 07:07 EDT, 22 March 2023

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Taiwan has fallen to China. The war lasted years, cost tens of thousands of lives, and ruined the economy – but that was a cost Xi Jinping was willing to pay to write his name into history.

America fought back, but despite having the superior military there was simply too much political division at home and amongst its allies to put up a proper defence.

Beijing’s iron will won the day, and the world has taken note. Autocracy has triumphed over democracy. The war of ideals has been lost. 

It is Xi’s world now. We just live in it.

That is the apocalyptic vision put forward by expert Charles Dunst in his new book Defeating the Dictators as he warns that democracy is now in a fight with autocracy for control of the future, and is in danger of losing unless it rapidly gets its act together.

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I think Biden has eclipse Jimmy Carter as the “worst” in my life time. 

By failing to cut spending, he has destroyed the dollar.  By his sanctions, he has empowered Russia to form global coalitions to the detriment of the USA.  And, probably worst of all, he has exposed the USA and NATO as powerless in the Ukraine.

One can assume that the bio labs in Ukraine and the meddling of the USA in the Ukraine leadership forced Putin to take action to protect his people and country. The bribery from the Ukraine and China has created a fog of mixed motivations.

It’s hard to imagine ANY actions that the next President can do to reverse this disaster.


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