GUNS: Schools need to be hard targets; not shooting galleries

News nashville school shooting
Mother of Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale shared several gun control posts on social media
By David Propper 
March 27, 2023 8:04pm Updated

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The mother of the Nashville school shooter who killed six people — including three 9-year-olds — appeared to be a gun control activist who once urged friends on Facebook to sign a petition calling for keeping firearms out of schools.

“So important!” Norma Hale wrote in a March 8, 2018, Facebook post as she shared the petition to “Keep Guns Out of School” that appeared to be from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.

The webpage’s domain to the petition did not appear to exist anymore.

In another post from Feb. 21, 2018, Hale shared another petition from Sandy Hook Promise urging lawmakers to “Make Large-Capacity Gun Magazines Illegal.”

Hale’s adult child, Audrey Hale, carried out Monday’s horrific mass shooting at the Covenant School on Monday morning. 

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Like the war on drugs, Gooferment seems to deliberately fail at its mission.

Schools should be “hard targets” like a bank.  You don’t hear about “mass shootings” at banks or pawnshops. Hell, my local jewelry store had better security than that school apparently had.  The shooter blew out the glass front doors. Most datacenter are secure by “man trap” entrances.  You don’t just waltz in unchallenged.  Schools in New Jersey require visitors to be admitted; hell, parents don’t even get in without a “pass”.

I feel sad for the parents of all involved.  It’s a cold cruel world out there populated by crazy people and evil doers.  We need to end gun-free zones and reengineer our society to protect itself.

I note that the shooter skipped another target because it “had too much security”.  So while these shooters are evil, they are not stupid.



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