MEME: EDST or EST rather than GMT all the time


Since “Time of Day” is just a label, why isn’t everywhere on GMT (for example)? Does it really matter if a business hours are 9 to 5 or 1400 to 2200! I don’t think so. As someone who had to work with people in different time zones, (and in one job supervise people around the globe), scheduling “thru” time zones was a mess. There’s a reason the military use Zulu (aka GMT) for all orders. Sigh!





POLITICAL: January 6th was a “tour” or entrpament; not an insurection

January 6 Video: Capitol Police Were ‘Tour Guides’ for ‘Q Shaman’
Joel B. Pollak  — 7 Mar 2023132

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WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 6: Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, known as the QAnon Shaman, is seen at the Capital riots. On January 9, Chansley was arrested on federal charges of “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct …

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IMHO all those folks were “lured” into a Democratic trap to discredit DJT45 and misdirect “We, The Sheeple” from the election frauds.

Immediately all those convicted of these bogus charges should be immediately exonerated.  And, all those involved in the conspiracy to make this happen should be immediately arrested and tried.

Why didn’t these defendants have these videos at their trials?  Any of the prosecuting lawyers should be disbarred!


“No justice; no peace”

Or “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.”  — MLK