RANT: Norfolk Southern should be ashamed if not penalized for this inexcusible behavior


Shocking video shows kids crawling under a Norfolk Southern freight train as carriages continually block their route to school – and start moving WITHOUT warning

  •     Norfolk Southern trains have frequently blocked crossings in Hammond, Indiana, for hours 
  •     Schoolchildren are often late to class and have to crawl over and under stopped trains to get to school 
  •     Indiana is in the top five states with the most complaints about blocked rail crossing. Texas tops the list, followed by Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee 

By Alyssa Guzman For Dailymail.Com
Published: 22:30 EDT, 26 April 2023 | Updated: 07:28 EDT, 27 April 2023 

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Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.  And, if I was on the jury, I’d make sure that an “eye watering” judgement would get everyone’s attention.

I read recently in Japan that the Railway Company there put “turtle conduits” under their tracks so that turtles could migrate safely.  I bet Norfolk Southern would not survive in Japan with their careless lack of regard for human life. 

I can’t believe that the political parasite class can’t get this “fixed”!  Why else do we tolerate them?

I’m going to put on my citizen journalist hat on and ask Norfolk Southern for comment.  Any wager about response time?


BITCOIN: Bulgaria’s Golden Ticket = Seized Bitcoin


A Seized Bitcoin Stack Could Be Bulgaria’s Golden Ticket

  • After seizing 213,000 bitcoin in 2017, Bulgaria now has an opportunity to become one of the wealthiest countries on earth.

Ahmed Botan  —  Apr 24, 2023

*** begin quote ***

The reason for this is its possession of 213,000 bitcoin, which its authorities seized from a group they labeled as criminals in 2017. According to the South East European Law Enforcement Center (SELC), the group hacked the Bulgarian customs agency’s computers and made changes to the system so that their partner companies could import goods while avoiding paying taxes on them.

Immediately following the crackdown, the bitcoin seized was worth about $500,000, however, it would now be worth closer to $6 billion dollars, as of April 2023. While the details around the BTC seizure are unclear, and it is not totally clear whether the country still holds that bitcoin or what it plans to do with the stack if it does, the potential of a nation like Bulgaria holding this much BTC is worth exploring.

*** end quote ***

Well, one can only hope they held on to it.  That’s a neat nest egg for the people and Taxpayers of Bulgaria.


VOCABULARY: The gravestone emoji is used for zombies IRL


Getting ‘zombied’ is the new dating trend — and it’s worse than ‘ghosting’
By Brooke Steinberg 
April 26, 2023 11:41am 

*** begin quote ***

“Girl, you’re being ghosted? I’m being zombied,” she shared with her 255,900 followers on the platform.

“It’s like ghosting, but he comes back from the dead after a couple months and hits you up,” she explained in the video with 1.5 million views and 151,100 likes.

*** and ***

“I saw someone say she puts gravestone emojis on their name in contacts so she knows not to deal with them anymore,” a user wrote.

*** end quote ***

I really like this “productivity suggestion”.  

Use the 🪦 to remind yourself to ignore people, places, phone numbers, and email addresses.

I guess it’s polite to send the emoji to let folks know that they are dead to me.



DISCOURAGING: The roads would be a disgrace in Mogadishu.


Bill Whittle

*** begin quote ***

Crime levels are soaring. The roads would be a disgrace in Mogadishu. Drug overdoses are killing thousands. The tax base is fleeing the state in record numbers. But thank God, California has managed to address the one really critical issue plaguing the state; namely, can you own your own gas heater in Berkeley? Scott Ott goes where no man had gone before. 

Help keep speech free while you still can by becoming a Citizen Producer right here: billwhittle.com/register/

*** end quote ***

Yes, the roads are a mess and the taxes keep going up.  I saw that Arnold was filling potholes.  What happened to Dominos fixing roads?



MONEY: Remember penny candy?


No money to spare: Uncle Sam pays more than face value to mint pennies, nickels
By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Thursday, April 20, 2023

*** begin quote ***

Inflation may make a penny worth less — but it also makes that penny cost more.

The rising prices of raw materials have sent the costs of manufacturing coins soaring over the past two years, adding nearly a full cent to the cost of producing each penny. It now costs more than 2.5 cents to mint and distribute each penny coin, the federal government said in a report to Congress.

Making a nickel now costs more than 10 cents.

*** and ***

“It’s absolute non-cents that American taxpayers spend 10 cents to make just one nickel,” said Sen. Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican. “Only Washington could lose money making money.”

*** end quote ***

Anyone realize that the FED’s inflation and the “spend and borrow” Congress has made money worth less?

Penny candy, Nickel Newspapers, Dime comic books are all casualties of the parasitic class extracting more and more of the Taxpayers’ Wealth.

Get out the pitchforks and light up the torches, it’s time change the discussion.


CONSPIRACYTHEORY: John Lennon’s murder may not completely understood — Category 4. Plausible?


Could the man jailed for John Lennon’s murder be INNOCENT? Bombshell new documentary poses serious questions about whether Mark David Chapman fired the fatal bullet

  •     EXCLUSIVE: Research throws doubt on the murder of John Lennon in New York
  •     British author David Whelan has examined fatal shooting on December 8, 1980
  •     He has unearthed many documents that suggest cops misunderstood murder 

By Nick Craven
Published: 08:32 EDT, 22 April 2023 | Updated: 08:37 EDT, 22 April 2023

*** begin quote ***

A three-year investigation into the murder of John Lennon has unearthed a series of extraordinary inconsistencies – including the suggestion that detectives may have fundamentally misunderstood how the shooting happened.

British author and TV producer David Whelan has exhaustively examined Lennon’s fatal shooting on December 8, 1980, as he and his wife Yoko Ono returned to their home in the Dakota Building overlooking New York’s Central Park.

Whelan has unearthed a trove of documents relating to the killing, including gunman Mark Chapman’s ‘hit list’ – published for the first time here – which as well as the former Beatle also featured Marlon Brando and former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

*** end quote ***

This is interesting.  Without going down this particular rabbit hole, it’s hard to believe.


POLITICAL: Is Bill Maher an undercover libertairan?


Bill Maher unveils his ‘Cojones Awards’ for those who fought against cancel culture mobs – and hands out prizes to Netflix for not canning Dave Chappelle over trans controversy and Ben Stiller for standing by Tropic Thunder

  •     Liberal comedian Bill Maher unveiled his new Cojones Awards on Friday’s edition of his HBO talk show
  •     The trophies honored ‘outstanding achievement in growing a pair’ in standing up to cancel culture
  •     Recipients included Netflix, Ben Stiller, Trader Joe’s and Cornell University  

By Paul Farrell For Dailymail.Com
Published: 08:50 EDT, 22 April 2023 | Updated: 09:36 EDT, 22 April 2023

*** begin quote ***

Liberal comedian Bill Maher launched the Cojones Awards, a new trophy for those who stand up to cancel culture mobs, on Friday’s edition of his long running HBO talk show. The award honors ‘outstanding achievement in growing a pair.’

Maher, 67, handed out a gold trophy of dangling testicles to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos for his refusal to apologize over the controversy created by Dave Chappelle’s 2021 comedy special The Closer, which was criticized over jokes about the transgender community. 

The host congratulated Sarandos for standing firm as Netflix employees walked out of their jobs over the controversy. He joked that if staff didn’t like the content then maybe ‘Netflix may not be the best place for you.’ 

*** end quote ***

While I don’t agree with his liberal slant, but with these awards he seems to doing the right thing.

# – # – # – # – #  

Maher: Dems Have ‘to Answer’ for Education Failures and More Money Won’t Fix the Problem
4/22/2023, 10:44:32 AM · 15 of 17

Gary from Dayton to tomkat

“Is this guy beginning to pull his head out ?”

Maybe, but he can’t pull it out completely because he will lose his audience and gig.

# – # – # – # – # 

Maybe he’s is either a concealed libertarian or just a liberal coming to his senses.


GUNS: The Pepuls Republic of Washington has voted to disarm the People


WA’s momentous new gun laws draw a line
April 20, 2023 at 3:06 pm 

*** begin quote ***

That pivot has been driven by the need to do something in response to massacres across this country that are plowing down children and other innocents every week. The vast majority involve legally purchased semi-automatic weapons.

On Wednesday, officials put their final touches on a law banning the sale, manufacture and distribution of assault rifles, a move that looked inconceivable just 15 years ago. The frenzy of last-minute dickering over the new law, SHB 1240, is a sign of its import.  

*** and ***

These laws cannot guarantee that all citizens will be safe from indiscriminate slaughter. But they do draw a line, indicating where the bulk of this state’s electorate — who put a gun-control majority into office — stands now. 

The Seattle Times editorial board members are editorial page editor Kate Riley, Frank A. Blethen, Alex Fryer, Claudia Rowe, Carlton Winfrey and William K. Blethen (emeritus).

*** end quote ***

This liberal State has just crossed a very interesting line.  

First, as usual and expected, it fails to realize that there is no such classification as an “assault rifle”.  Pushing that to the side, the “editorial” concedes the “vast majority involve legally purchased semi-automatic weapons”.  This law will do nothing to eliminate the “gun free zones” that crazy people, who are not stupid, seek out for their sick rampage.

Second, whenever a dictator takes over a country, the first thing that they do is disarm the people.  Ask the German Jews how well that worked out for them.  Then go to Russia, Communist China, Cambodia, and various places in Africa for further evidence.

Finally, these is that little objection about Constitutionality.  SCOTUS has made it very clear that the RKBA is a fundamental human right.  The current doctrine of “incorporation”, means the States are bound to observe the Second Amendment, And, no amount of wishing can wish it away.

So, the TL;DR summary is a piece of feel good ineffectual legislation will generate a ton of costs and legal fees for no effect. 


DISCOURAGING: And still we have Holocaust deniers and Nazi worshipers


Hitler’s revenge: Unseen photos published to mark Warsaw Ghetto Uprising’s 80th anniversary show the Nazis’ brutality as they crushed Jewish resistance fighters’ bid to stop families being taken to death camps

  •     The unseen images were taken by Polish engineer Rudolf Damec
  •     The Ghetto Uprising took place from April 19 until May 16, 1943 

By Ed Wight and Harry Howard, History Correspondent
Published: 04:40 EDT, 19 April 2023 | Updated: 04:44 EDT, 19 April 2023

*** begin quote ***

As plumes of smoke spew from behind the ghetto wall, well-dressed Germans watch on, willingly indifferent to the atrocities being carried out on the other side.

Another photo shows a group standing beside a playground in Nazi-occupied Warsaw as burning buildings from the Jewish ghetto are engulfed in flames and billowing smoke.

A third shows women and children being rounded up as soldiers stand by with rifles, ensuring they do not cause any trouble. 

*** end quote ***

I don’t understand.  Even the flat-earthers have at least an understandable belief system  — close up the horizon looks flat.  I don’t understand how the these befuddled fools can have any principle to stand on.  One can only hope that they get worse ridicule that the flat-earthers who are harmlessly just wrong; these other people are sick dangerous.



‘So many hot MILFs’: Inside RFK Jr’s White House bid launch

Kennedy’s supporters and his wife were present for the launch of his long-shot bid to dethrone Biden
— Read on nypost.com/2023/04/20/so-many-hot-milfs-inside-rfk-jrs-white-house-bid-launch/

What is it in the Kennedy mystic that gets this reaction?


What is it the Kennedy

DISCOURAGING: Huh, “obstruction of governmental administration”, how abput attempted murder?


New video shows suspect with 11 prior arrests hit NYPD cop with bottle in broad daylight attack
By Amanda Woods  — April 18, 2023 10:06am 

*** begin quote ***

He then charges at her and swings at another cop standing next to her before he is taken to the ground by that officer and at least one other person, the footage shows. 

Garcia, of Kingsbridge Heights, was arrested and charged with assault, obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment, police said. 

He has 11 previous arrests, law enforcement sources said.

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but NYC is officially out of control. 

I can somewhat see a low bail or ORO for a minor charge; second and subsequent arrests are REMAND!

Absurd to allow this lawlessness to go unpunished.


POLITICAL: “Don’t demonize” is absurd; they should have all been arrested — it was riot with shootings and property damage


‘Don’t demonize them’: Chicago’s new mayor-elect says it’s ‘not constructive’ to vilify group of rowdy teens that torched cars in rampage organized on social media – but condemned the chaotic takeover

  •     Chicago’s mayor-elect says he does not condone violence carried out by teens Saturday night but that the city should not vilify the group
  •     Rowdy teens torched cars and got into fights before gunfire ended Saturday 
  •     Two teenage boys, 16 and 17, were reported shot but in stable condition  

By Hope Sloop and Vanessa Serna and James Gordon For Dailymail.com
Published: 01:33 EDT, 17 April 2023 | Updated: 08:04 EDT, 17 April 2023 

*** begin quote ***

Chicago’s mayor-elect says the city should not demonize the teens who organized a ‘Teen Takeover’ of the Loop over the weekend, even after the event turned violent with cars burnt cars and minors shot. Brandon Johnson, 47, said Sunday he does not ‘condone the destructive activity’ and that it’s ‘unacceptable and has no place’ in Chicago, but that it should not be used as a way to vilify the group. ‘However, it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities,’ said Johnson, a progressive Democrat. Shocking footage showed some teenagers jumping on top of a bus while others started a massive brawl after descending on Millennium Park and attempting to breach barricades. Gunshots rang out with some rounds striking two teenage boys aged 16 and 17. Cars were also left vandalized near East Washington Street in the Windy City, including a Tesla which is worth about $120,000. 

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but I disagree.  This is behavior that should be demonized and punished severely. 

These were criminals and thugs rioting.

“Law and Order” is a joke in these Democratic cities.




But for a Good Samaritan, this couple could have been killed and the police obviously weren’t interested in helping.


RANT: People see a show; I see wasted resources


Preparing for Charles’s big day: The Household Cavalry make their way down procession route outside Buckingham Palace as they take part in rehearsals for the King’s historic coronation next month

  •     Members of the Household Cavalry seen rehearsing outside Buckingham Palace
  •     READ: Buckingham Palace have unveiled plans for the King’s procession route 

By Elly Blake
Published: 09:44 EDT, 17 April 2023 | Updated: 09:52 EDT, 17 April 2023

*** begin quote ***

Preparations are well and truly under way for King Charles’s coronation as rehearsals took place outside Buckingham Palace today.

Members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, who carry out ceremonial duties for the two most senior regiments in the Army, paraded down The Mall ahead of the historic ceremony on May 6.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to line the streets of central London for the King’s coronation, the first since the late Queen Elizabeth II’s seven decades ago.

*** end quote ***

Some see pageantry and history.  I see stolen money conspicuously wasted.  The cast of bureaucrats on horses is Taxpayer money parasitically taken from the middle calls, poor, and the fixed income serfs.


At least they’ll get to see a “free” show.  And, I bet not one person thinks of the resources wasted.




NEWJERSEY: Strike at Rutgers University sticks it to the Taxpayers


Strike at Rutgers University Ends After a Deal is Reached

  • “The new deal will increase salaries for full-time faculty and New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund counselors by at least 14% by the summer of 2025”

Posted by Mike LaChance Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 11:30am 

*** begin quote ***

The new deal will increase salaries for full-time faculty and New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund counselors by at least 14% by the summer of 2025, according to a statement from the university’s President, Jonathan Holloway. It will also increase the per-credit salary rate for part-time lecturers by 43.8% and the minimum salary for postdoctoral fellows and associates by 27.9%, both over a four-year contract, as well as enhance the wages of teaching and graduate assistants and provide them with multi-year university support, according to a statement from the university’s President, Jonathan Holloway.

“Most important, closure on this framework will allow our 67,000 students to resume their studies and pursue their academic degrees,” Holloway said. “Nothing we do is as important as living up to the expectations that our students and their families have of us to be fully supportive of them and nurturing of their academic ambitions and dreams.”

*** end quote ***

And where do all these per cents come from?


I am for the Separation of Rutgers and the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee!


ECONOMICS: Numbers don’t show that the inflation rate is progressive; how much more expensive things are getting over time


Economy — Opinion
Bidenflation Rises To 14.8%, Hurting Americans

  • Americans’ struggle with high prices continues in 2023.

tippinsights Editorial Board
April 14, 2023 . 10:48 AM

*** begin quote ***

But few media outlets provided context, partly because doing so would shed the Biden administration in a terrible light. So, we are happy to oblige and fill in the gaps.

The CPI inflation rate measures how much more expensive things are getting over time. The government calculates the increase in the CPI rate over 12 months, so the base for March 2023 is March 2022, and for February 2023 is February 2022.

In March 2023, the CPI index was 301.836, 5.0% higher than its base of 287.504 for March 2022. And in February 2023, the CPI index was 300.840, 6.0% higher than its base of 283.716 for February 2022.

Between February 2022 and March 2022, the base increased sharply by 3.788 points or 1.34%. Even though the CPI index increased by 0.33% between February and March 2023, the headline CPI rate dropped from 6.0% to 5.0% because of the “base effect.”

In other words, the rate seemed lower than it actually was because the base was higher in March 2022. Things were getting more expensive but more expensive at a slower rate than the previous year. Only in Washington is this good news.

*** end quote ***

Just go back in my blog and search for “penny candy”, “three silver dimes”, and the “twenty dollar gold piece that was an ounce of gold”.

Inflation makes each other dollar worth less.  Since the 60’s, the dollar has lost 90+% of its purchasing power. My sainted father in law put a fifty dollar bill in his wallet when he got married and was secure that he could pay his rent and feed his family for a month with that.  Sure, now it might buy two movie tickets and some popcorn but not much else.

How stupid are “We, The Sheeple” that we don’t see the Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats robbing us blind like the parasites that they are?


FUN: How high can an emu jump?


Road runner! Hilarious video shows escaped EMU leading Tennessee police on 20 mile chase at speeds of up to 40mph after breaking free of his enclosure

  •     MeeMoo cleared the fence of his enclosure with a seven-foot vertical leap and led police on an incredible 20-mile chase through a Tennessee town
  •     Harry McKinney said his pet escaped on Wednesday after being spooked by construction workers logging behind his home
  •     Police eventually surrounded the flightless bird, which had clocked speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, and MeeMoo made it back home safely

By Kamal Sultan For Dailymail.Com
Published: 09:20 EDT, 15 April 2023 | Updated: 09:37 EDT, 15 April 2023 

# – # – # – # – # 

If you answered more than 7 feet, you’re right.  

MeeMoo’s next challenge is 9 feet.  Anyone giving odds it can do it?

Remember  “Now ladies, I’ll share some advice that I picked up from a tattooed lady in a bar on Second Avenue late one Saturday night at closing time. She said ‘Sonny, if a man wants to bet you that he can have the Jack of Spades jump out of that deck of cards there on the bar there and it will piss in your ear, be prepared to have a wet ear.’ Sorry, that’s the whole and literal truth. My betrothed made me promise to tell the whole exact truth.” — character “John” in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 234



Supreme Court Tells Maine: Don’t Discriminate Against Religious Schools

The Supreme Court ruled Maine couldn’t prevent parents from using school choice funds at religious schools, but the state is back at it again.
— Read on www.dailysignal.com/2023/04/05/supreme-court-tells-maine-to-stop-discriminating-against-religious-schools-maine-does-it-anyway/

Seems like it is up to voters in Maine to “enforce” the “will of the people”!


BITCOIN: If Walmart is not allowed to be a “bank”; then maybe it can be a “miner – fuds transfer agent – broker” all rolled into one?


What Happens When Walmart Buys $1 Billion Of Bitcoin?

  • Though no purchase has been announced, Walmart’s inevitable allocation to bitcoin will jump start a ripple of hyperbitcoinization.

Clancy Rodgers  —   Mar 29, 2021

*** begin quote ***

MicroStrategy, Square and Coinbase are multimillion-dollar companies traded on NASDAQ with big bitcoin bags, but the everyday American could care less. Ask your average Joe how he feels about Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy purchasing of 91,326 bitcoins and you’ll probably get a “What is Bitcorn?” and “Michael who?”

Walmart, on the other hand, is a different story because it’s the epitome of working class America. Built off the back of America’s mom and pop, it is now the world’s largest company by revenue raking in $548 billion in 2020. When Walmart adds $1 billion of bitcoin to its balance sheet, you’ll have that same average Joe’s full attention. It will create the ultimate exposure for Bitcoin to blue collar Americans and trigger a global monetary paradigm shift that is long overdue.

As Walmart’s tentacles reach into 24 countries, a Bitcoin tidal wave will blast through its world of ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail operations. Walmart sources products from more than 100 countries, bringing globalization to Middle America. Instead of having to deal with complex currency conversions with global suppliers, Walmart will accept bitcoin, which will negate the headache of dealing with dozens of fiat currencies. This will simplify accounting and streamline operations. With no middleman bankers pirating off of transactions, the only thing separating Walmart from its global partners will be oceans (if the miners don’t boil them first).

*** end quote ***

I see this as a great SET of “use cases” for WalMart.  

Remember: Wal-Mart Stores abruptly abandoned those plans for its own bank, withdrawing its application to obtain a special banking charter after a firestorm of criticism from lawmakers, banking industry officials and watchdog groups.Mar 17, 2007.

I’m sure that the Banking Industrial Complex used all their political power to block this 800# elephant from entering the competitive area.   Probably more than the BIC (Banking Industrial Complex), everyone else with a vest interest piled on.  What would Wall Street, Credit Unions, Western Union (and all the other funds transfer agencies), Amazon, Target, and the grifter politicians and bureaucrats do if WalMart literally swept up all the unbanked and all the little people’s bank accounts.  Profit margins if any would be cut to zero as WalMart ties in its  bank with its stores.

So now imagine that WalMart adopts bitcoin and see its use cases: (1) funds transfer from its international subsidiaries become cost free; (2) pay suppliers with bitcoin (free and fast); (3) Buy and sell bitcoins for U$D (dollars) globally; (4) avoid all sorts of onerous financial regulations, taxes, and fees.  

It would be a real hoot to see all the politicians and bureaucrats around the globe running around with their hair on fire.

And, in addition to a big win for WalMart, the little people all over the world could avoid the hidden taxation of earnings and savings that fiat currencies enable.

I’d love it.


TECHNOLOGY: TL;DR Parking machine gives me the wrong change — in its favor of course


Visit a patient in Saint Peter’s University Hospital. Their parking machine cheated me out of 5$ in my change. 

Had to wait for parking supervisor. 20 minutes.  Argh!   (Seems like it happens a lot from what the fellow said.)

My fault for not giving it eight quarters. Argh!

Just infuriates me. Technology is just supposed to work and make our lives easier. Instead it gave me a 15 minute child-like style time out. Argh! Argh!

The Universe was telling me to relax?

# – # – # – # – # 

P.S.: Hey Hospital, have you heard that masks don’t work?  https://health.clevelandclinic.org/can-wearing-a-mask-make-you-sick/ They actually can give you some problems!



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment “fixes” compliance with labeling laws



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16 hours ago

Manufacturers add sesame flour to avoid cleaning – compliance with labeling laws

*** begin quote ***

This obviously is not my story, but this definitely falls in the spirit of malicious compliance. Last year, President Biden signed the The Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education and Research (Faster) Act, which was intended to improve product labeling and cleaning around allergens. However, rather than clean better and safeguard against sesame cross-contamination, many manufacturers have started adding sesame flour deliberately into products that were previously sesame free. This relieves them of the burden of meticulous cleaning since the product is now clearly labeled as containing sesame. Malicious (corporate) compliance. Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/wellness/2023/04/11/sesame-allergy-law-consequences/

*** end quote ***

Sure, pass a law, but don’t bother to worry about the Unintended Consequences!



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: An example of the attack on hte American family


American News Apr 8, 2023 
Chico school board upholds ‘parental secrecy policy’ regarding students’ gender identity
Sara Higdon

  • “The day my daughter shared with her guidance counselor that she felt like a boy, the counselor immediately affirmed this new identity.”

*** begin quote ***

Wednesday evening the Chico Unified School Board in Chico, California voted 3-2 in favor of schools having the ability to keep secrets from parents. The board agreed to keep their current policy, which directs staff to not reveal a child’s gender identity to parents, it instead allows a child to determine when the school is allowed to tell parents about a change in their gender identity. 

According to a report from Fox News, the policy, called the “parental secrecy policy” by the school board, came up for a vote after the Center for American Liberty filed a lawsuit against the school district. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Aurora Regino who told her story to the school board before the vote. The suit alleges that a school guidance counselor in the district helped Region’s 11-year old daughter transition without her knowledge or consent. 

*** end quote ***

Where does the Gooferment Skrule get off shoving the parents out of control that child?

At some point, when will “We, The Sheeple” wake up to this insidious conspiracy.


INTERESTING: Never heard of “chimerism’ before


The most JAW-DROPPING family secrets exposed by at-home DNA tests – from an only child who discovered he had 30 siblings to woman whose dad was swapped a birth

  •     Two in ten Americans have taken mail-order DNA tests, according to YouGov
  •     Many are taking to social media to reveal their jaw-dropping family secrets such as that they have 30 siblings or even married a cousin 
  •     Here Dailymail.com takes a look at the dark side of the trend as millions of Americans discover they’re not quite who they thought they were  

By Helena Kelly For Dailymail.Com
Published: 12:49 EDT, 9 April 2023 | Updated: 12:53 EDT, 9 April 2023 

*** begin quote ***

‘Rare condition meant I wasn’t related to the children I birthed’

Single mother Lydia Fairchild was 26, unemployed and looking for state support in 2002 when she was asked to take a DNA test to prove her family was all related.

But the results suggested Fairchild had no genetic link to the two children she had birthed – prompting alarm from social services.

‘I knew that I carried them, and I knew that I delivered them. There was no doubt in my mind,’ Fairchild, from Washington, said at the time.

She gave birth for a third time and again DNA tests said she was not related to the newborn – despite carrying it for nine months.

It later transpired the mismatch was due to an ultra-rare condition called ‘chimerism.’

It meant she had technically been a twin in the womb but the other embryo died early on meaning she ‘absorbed’ her sibling’s cells.

The condition meant she had two cell lines – with only one matching that of her children.

Her case was relayed in the 2006 documentary ‘The twin inside me.’

*** end quote ***

Why would this poor woman have to “prove” that her children were “hers” to the Gooferment?

This sounds like the identical twins dilemma that TV and Movies like to dramatize.

Makes these DNA “quite revealing”; not always for the better.


INSPIRATIONAL: “hold firm to our God-given rights against a godless government” seems like great advice


April 7, 2023
Leftism and the Minions of Satan
By Nancy Van Deest 

*** begin quote ***

With Holy Week upon us, it is time for Christians to stop relinquishing our beliefs out of fear from retribution and vitriol. Instead, put on the full armor of God to stand firm against the deteriorating culture, understanding that the more we voice God’s truths to counter their lies, the greater their inner demons will scream, expecting to stop God. But do not yield. Instead, offer God’s message of salvation, hoping it will plant a seed and move them toward God and away from Satan. However, prudently realize that at some point, God gives Satan’s unrepentant followers over to their depraved minds.

Given Satan’s growing influence on American leaders and the dangers they pose, Christians should be encouraged by David, who picked up a stone to defeat Goliath. His faith in God against overwhelming odds gives proof that God goes before us as our champion. While God may not spare us from the effects of the storm, with God in the lead, we can stand confidently upon His truths and hold firm to our God-given rights against a godless government. At the same time, we should warn those seeking unholy power, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

*** end quote ***

It’s a sad end that the American Experiment seems to be ending with a quick sinking into bankruptcy, perversion, and crime.

I’ve ofter railed about how the “King” wants to destroy the “Church” as an alternative authority.  Pedophilia in the Catholic Church was allowed to continue and thus erode any claim to “moral authority”.  

So too, the Gooferment was allowed to undermine thrift, self-reliance, and a sense of community with welfare paid for by future generations.  Get everyone on some sort of dole to enhance the “King” (i.e., politicians and bureaucrats).

Decadence used to be shamed and hidden mostly in Hollywood has now become front page “news”.

As the few good people man the battlements, let’s go down if we must.  But go down fighting to the last soul speaking the truth to the Powerful and their befuddled troops.  

When it comes time to pick up the pieces, those recording history will say “this was their finest hour”.

Just say no to everything that goes against the Spirit.