GUNS: The Pepuls Republic of Washington has voted to disarm the People

WA’s momentous new gun laws draw a line
April 20, 2023 at 3:06 pm 

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That pivot has been driven by the need to do something in response to massacres across this country that are plowing down children and other innocents every week. The vast majority involve legally purchased semi-automatic weapons.

On Wednesday, officials put their final touches on a law banning the sale, manufacture and distribution of assault rifles, a move that looked inconceivable just 15 years ago. The frenzy of last-minute dickering over the new law, SHB 1240, is a sign of its import.  

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These laws cannot guarantee that all citizens will be safe from indiscriminate slaughter. But they do draw a line, indicating where the bulk of this state’s electorate — who put a gun-control majority into office — stands now. 

The Seattle Times editorial board members are editorial page editor Kate Riley, Frank A. Blethen, Alex Fryer, Claudia Rowe, Carlton Winfrey and William K. Blethen (emeritus).

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This liberal State has just crossed a very interesting line.  

First, as usual and expected, it fails to realize that there is no such classification as an “assault rifle”.  Pushing that to the side, the “editorial” concedes the “vast majority involve legally purchased semi-automatic weapons”.  This law will do nothing to eliminate the “gun free zones” that crazy people, who are not stupid, seek out for their sick rampage.

Second, whenever a dictator takes over a country, the first thing that they do is disarm the people.  Ask the German Jews how well that worked out for them.  Then go to Russia, Communist China, Cambodia, and various places in Africa for further evidence.

Finally, these is that little objection about Constitutionality.  SCOTUS has made it very clear that the RKBA is a fundamental human right.  The current doctrine of “incorporation”, means the States are bound to observe the Second Amendment, And, no amount of wishing can wish it away.

So, the TL;DR summary is a piece of feel good ineffectual legislation will generate a ton of costs and legal fees for no effect. 


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