DISCOURAGING: And still we have Holocaust deniers and Nazi worshipers


Hitler’s revenge: Unseen photos published to mark Warsaw Ghetto Uprising’s 80th anniversary show the Nazis’ brutality as they crushed Jewish resistance fighters’ bid to stop families being taken to death camps

  •     The unseen images were taken by Polish engineer Rudolf Damec
  •     The Ghetto Uprising took place from April 19 until May 16, 1943 

By Ed Wight and Harry Howard, History Correspondent
Published: 04:40 EDT, 19 April 2023 | Updated: 04:44 EDT, 19 April 2023

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As plumes of smoke spew from behind the ghetto wall, well-dressed Germans watch on, willingly indifferent to the atrocities being carried out on the other side.

Another photo shows a group standing beside a playground in Nazi-occupied Warsaw as burning buildings from the Jewish ghetto are engulfed in flames and billowing smoke.

A third shows women and children being rounded up as soldiers stand by with rifles, ensuring they do not cause any trouble. 

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I don’t understand.  Even the flat-earthers have at least an understandable belief system  — close up the horizon looks flat.  I don’t understand how the these befuddled fools can have any principle to stand on.  One can only hope that they get worse ridicule that the flat-earthers who are harmlessly just wrong; these other people are sick dangerous.



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