INSPIRATIONAL: “hold firm to our God-given rights against a godless government” seems like great advice

April 7, 2023
Leftism and the Minions of Satan
By Nancy Van Deest 

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With Holy Week upon us, it is time for Christians to stop relinquishing our beliefs out of fear from retribution and vitriol. Instead, put on the full armor of God to stand firm against the deteriorating culture, understanding that the more we voice God’s truths to counter their lies, the greater their inner demons will scream, expecting to stop God. But do not yield. Instead, offer God’s message of salvation, hoping it will plant a seed and move them toward God and away from Satan. However, prudently realize that at some point, God gives Satan’s unrepentant followers over to their depraved minds.

Given Satan’s growing influence on American leaders and the dangers they pose, Christians should be encouraged by David, who picked up a stone to defeat Goliath. His faith in God against overwhelming odds gives proof that God goes before us as our champion. While God may not spare us from the effects of the storm, with God in the lead, we can stand confidently upon His truths and hold firm to our God-given rights against a godless government. At the same time, we should warn those seeking unholy power, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

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It’s a sad end that the American Experiment seems to be ending with a quick sinking into bankruptcy, perversion, and crime.

I’ve ofter railed about how the “King” wants to destroy the “Church” as an alternative authority.  Pedophilia in the Catholic Church was allowed to continue and thus erode any claim to “moral authority”.  

So too, the Gooferment was allowed to undermine thrift, self-reliance, and a sense of community with welfare paid for by future generations.  Get everyone on some sort of dole to enhance the “King” (i.e., politicians and bureaucrats).

Decadence used to be shamed and hidden mostly in Hollywood has now become front page “news”.

As the few good people man the battlements, let’s go down if we must.  But go down fighting to the last soul speaking the truth to the Powerful and their befuddled troops.  

When it comes time to pick up the pieces, those recording history will say “this was their finest hour”.

Just say no to everything that goes against the Spirit.


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