VOCABULARY: The gravestone emoji is used for zombies IRL


Getting ‘zombied’ is the new dating trend — and it’s worse than ‘ghosting’
By Brooke Steinberg 
April 26, 2023 11:41am 

*** begin quote ***

“Girl, you’re being ghosted? I’m being zombied,” she shared with her 255,900 followers on the platform.

“It’s like ghosting, but he comes back from the dead after a couple months and hits you up,” she explained in the video with 1.5 million views and 151,100 likes.

*** and ***

“I saw someone say she puts gravestone emojis on their name in contacts so she knows not to deal with them anymore,” a user wrote.

*** end quote ***

I really like this “productivity suggestion”.  

Use the 🪦 to remind yourself to ignore people, places, phone numbers, and email addresses.

I guess it’s polite to send the emoji to let folks know that they are dead to me.



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