PHILOSOPHY: Is it moral to torture intelligent animals for food?

World’s first octopus farm proposals alarm scientists
Published << 2023-03Mar-16>>
By Claire Marshall
BBC Environment & Rural Affairs Correspondent

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A plan to build the world’s first octopus farm has raised deep concerns among scientists over the welfare of the famously intelligent creatures.

The farm in Spain’s Canary Islands would raise about a million octopuses annually for food, according to confidential documents seen by the BBC.

They have never been intensively farmed and some scientists call the proposed icy water slaughtering method “cruel.”

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Prof. Peter Tse, a cognitive neuroscientist at Dartmouth University, told the BBC that “to kill them with ice would be a slow death … it would be very cruel and should not be allowed.”

Adding that they were “as intelligent as cats” he suggested that a more humane way would be to kill them as many fishermen do, by clubbing them over the head.

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Having seen how intelligent these animals are and how unique they are making them “food” is hard to justify.  Torturing them is just unacceptable.