TINFOILHAT: Is the US border invasion planned, and orchestrated?


Is this US border invasion? Is this planned, orchestrated? I think planned! White house says these people DON’T need vaccine proof since ‘they’re not intended to stay’, BULLSH*T, yet Djokovic CAN’T?

  • Novak Djokovic cannot enter US but these unvaccinated people can? Bringing Fentanyl too? Bringing (sic) not just COVID but other diseases, & NOT tested? NOT walking across the border? Not intending to stay?

Dr. Paul Alexander
4 hr ago

*** begin quote ***

First, Novak to the CDC Walensky and White House Susan Rice and Obama (as they run the show):

For the White House ran by Susan Rice and Obama to claim (oh so you thought Biden was running things, come on man, Biden only occupies the place physically, it is run mentally by Rice and Obama out of Obama’s DC house, call me, I will bring you up on things ha ha), to say there is a difference between Novak and the illegals walking across the border, and so one must be vaccinated (former) and the other (latter) needs no vaccine or proof, such that the virus knows the difference, then it shows how much trouble we are in. I will vote for a monkey, hell a group of monkeys, hell 100 of them and put them as the new Biden cabinet and POTUS etc. ahead of these clowns. These idiots make Trump’s daily clown car show White House blush. Beam even! Makes Trump’s ridiculous Task Force (save Giroir) look like distinguished Rhode scholars. And they were clear morons!

*** end quote ***

Using my recently documented scale for “Conspiracy Theories” I’d have to categorize this as “GOVERNMENTAL” by the Deep State and as “more likely than not”.

I am waiting for the proof to come out that proves this as true. 

It’s just too convenient.  And look who are coming across — criminal gangs, men posing as children, and convicted felons.

It’s a national disgrace that the border has not been secure and I blame BOTH parties for it.



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