RANT: A yute can see the “barbara streisand” in a recent new story. Is there hope?

Friday, August 27, 2010


CS: Anyone else think it strange that right as we pull out of Iraq, Iran unveils a long range unmanned strike bomber?
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FJR: No stranger than anyone thinks we are really “out”!
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CS: Well never out but that’s what they have to say
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A fellow your age should be inquiring when exactly we will pull our troops from Germany. The folks who fought WW2 are dying off of old age, yet we’re still there. And, still paying and still paying and paying.

Most importantly, think of all the wasted human effort spent on a meaningless activity. Hours and hours of unproductive human potential flushed.

And, if you think of those hours as “transferable” (i.e., that effort applied to something else frees up some one else to do something undone or that can’t be done by someone else). Best description I ever read was that freeing up one soldier, who returns to be grocery checkout clerk in middle-of-nowhere Idaho, starts a long string of silent unseen human resource reallocations that ends with a research scientist somewhere finding the cure for cancer.


And, we’re borrowing the wealth from China to pay to secure Germany from the non-existent past threat from the defunct USSR that youse youngsters will have to pay back with interest.


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POLITICAL: Not post-racial yet

Friday, August 27, 2010


Beat Whitey Night – Attacks mar Iowa State Fair – NBC-2.com WBBH News

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Guess we are not in a “post racial” amerika yet. Note the lady police officer saying “doesn’t know if it’s racial” but all the victims were white. Are you kidding me? If that was reversed, imagine the response? Argh!

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POLITICAL: A not so free press

Friday, August 27, 2010


A free press means no subsidies
By Jeff Jacoby
Globe Columnist / July 25, 2010

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When the Bay State Banner, Boston’s only black-owned newspaper, was on the verge of shutting down last July, Mayor Thomas Menino kept it alive with a loan of $200,000 in public funds. Did the Banner’s gratitude to the mayor affect its autonomy? In April the paper had thundered, “No self-respecting African American can vote for Menino if he chooses to run again’’ — yet in September it made no endorsement in the mayoral primary. By January, it was flattering Menino for his pursuit of “innovative ideas’’ and hailing him as Boston’s “most productive’’ mayor ever. The Banner’s publisher insisted that the loan had not affected his editorial stance, but not everyone was convinced. When it comes to Menino, blogged Colman Herman for MassINC, “the Bay State Banner . . . has turned from watchdog to lapdog.’’

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He who has the gold makes the rules!

The First Amendment was for “watchdogs”; not lapdogs.

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