RANT: Cheaters do win


RadioShack’s improper jersey stalls start to stage
Sun Jul 25, 9:39 am ET

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PARIS – Lance Armstrong and his RadioShack team have been forced to change unofficial jerseys honoring cancer patients before starting the final stage of the Tour de France.

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Comment by “The Professor”

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Lance’s cancer survival and recovery to win the Tour de France seven times is a story we all WANT to be true…. but if you think about it logically it can’t be true.

The odds of a steroid and EPO free athlete beating all of the steroid cheaters seven times are astronomically impossible.

I get disgusted every time I see a “Live Strong” yellow bracelet because I truly believe Lance’s cancer was caused by steroid abuse. I’ve known TONS of pro athletes and wannabe pro athletes that publicly decry steroids while they use them.

The truly disgusting part is they not only cheat to win, they want you NOT to use steroids so they have an even bigger advantage and greater chance of winning.

To them, it is ALL about winning and the glory and the money that goes with it. They don’t care about your health. They don’t care if you use steroids or not. All they care about is that you can’t compete with them and they get to win.

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Cheaters do win!

We have to have little mental “signs” that we hang around people when we see them speak on TV. I have a mental list:

  1. Jane Fonda “Sitting in a North Viet Nam Anti Aircraft battery as an enemy prop”
  2. Al Gore “Fraud profiting from Global Warming”
  3. Bill Clinton: “Liar”
  4. Hillary “Cheated Old People out of their vacation / retirement homes aka Whitewater”
  5. Obama “Socialist who has something to hide”
  6. Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid “Corrupt politicians.
  7. Byrd “Racist”
  8. Any ABC, CBS, or NBC talking head “Socialist propagandist”
  9. Any Democrat and all but one Republican politician “Big Gooferment tyrant”
  10. Most sports figures “In It For the Money”
  11. Most Generals and Admirals “Perfumed Princes” aka politicians
  12. Most Hollywood types “Two faced” (One set of rules for them; another for everyone else.)
  13. Any environmentalist “Watermelon”
  14. Any Gooferment bureaucrat “Feeding at the public trough”
  15. Any “Businessman” who takes Gooferment handouts “Welfare Queen”
  16. Any “Gentleman Farmer” who takes Gooferment handouts “Welfare Queen”
  17. Any lobbyist “Welfare Pimp”
  18. Any politician who feathers his own nest “Felon”

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RANT: Hospital visiting policy

I have to laugh as this appears on one of my regularly visited websites.


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As Mendelson points out, visiting the hospital is serious stuff, and something most people don’t concern themselves with because they are not aware of the shenanigans that sometimes occur in hospitals, nor how terribly wrong things can go. Like our government many Americans think problems here and there are odd and rare, and not endemic to the system itself.

For all our revolutionary heritage, Americans in general seem to have this odd, misplaced, unblinking, and often unconscious respect for credentialed authority, apparently thinking that credentials and expertise somehow cleanse people from the baser parts of human nature like self-willed agendas, petty backbiting, authoritarian behavior, the brazen seeking of power, a cultic mentality, etc.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010 7:22 AM, CDT

“Good” morning from RWJUH New Brunswick

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Nurse informs me of “new policy”. “No visiting before 10. And, how did I get up.” A vigorous discussion of this policy. Even showed her the booklet, on Page 6 “Family members are welcome 24 / 7”, I was given last week. “It’s wrong.” I told her if that was their policy, that I’d transfer her out.” “All hospitals are like that.” I don’t need this <Expletive Deleted> “barbara streisand”! Frau Reinke was getting upset with me. So I let it pass. They’ll have to drag me out in handcuffs. <Expletive Deleted> “barbara streisand”!

And, what’s worse, I left my coffee in the car!

Guess I better alert my panel of attorneys. Who’s got bail money? I’m putting on my Gandhi person. Peaceful non-cooperation with Micky Mouse rules.

If hospital “policy” is “visiting hours are from 10AM to 9PM for patient safety”. (a) what’s happening during those hours that jeopardizes patient safety that a “visitor” will interfere with? The sleeping night shift! (b) The CUs say “no visiting during shift change from 7 to 8 AM and PM”. Lay those two “policies” on top of one another and it really restricts families in the evening. (c) You can’t tell me there are not “hidden exceptions” — neo natal, the dying, pediatrics, honchos, politicians. ARGH!

A peaceful non-violent non-cooperating resistor does have some obligation to avoid a fight. Didn’t want to upset the patient. If she’d said “leave”, I’d have merely replied “no”. If Frau Reinke was up to snuff, I might even comply. Might not. But it would be my choice; not theirs.

Maybe I’ll even have all new nurses tomorrow to deal with.

Nurses at the station have been having a “barbara streisand” session for the last half hour.

And, for the record, that old “no food” policy is “barbara streisand” too since I saw several of the staff eating at their stations.

So, asinine policies get the respect they deserve. Argh! I gotta stop hanging out in these kind of joints.

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TINFOILHAT: What specifically of BHO44’s “paperwork” is missing?


A number of challenges based on the constitutional requirement:

  • not born in Hawaii in 1961 as he claims;
  • dual citizen of the U.S. and the United Kingdom when he was born;
  • as a child, was a citizen of Indonesia, to get into school;
  • disclaimed his citizenship to get entrance into college; and
  • claimed privileges for foreign students in his applications.

The Constitution was specifically written to exclude dual citizens from eligibility.

BHO44 has kept from the public:

  • Kindergarten records,
  • Punahou school records,
  • Occidental College records,
  • Columbia University records,
  • Columbia thesis,
  • Harvard Law School records,
  • Harvard Law Review articles,
  • scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,
  • passport,
  • medical records,
  • files from his years as an Illinois state senator,
  • Illinois State Bar Association records,
  • baptism records, and
  • his adoption records.

The burning question is: Why the cover up? What’s being hidden? Who knew what when?

Why spend millions to prevent disclosure?

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