RECOMMENDED: Get some vitamins and mineral into you before it’s too late

Natural Health from A to Z
Margaret Durst
July 21, 2010

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Chromium levels decline with age, which may be one of the reasons for the increased incidence of adult onset diabetes. The average American gets less than 50 micrograms of chromium per day. The general recommendation on supplementing chromium is 200 mcg. per day. If diabetic, the recommendation is double that, or 400 mcg. per day. Food sources of chromium include beer, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, cheese, meat and whole grains. Supplemental forms are chromium picolinate and chromium polynicotinate. Either form is absorbed well.

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Guess I’ll have to get some.

RDAs are for sheeple.

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RANT: Hospitals catching the “indentification” disease

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick is becoming a police state.

Today we have new “rules”!


First is that everyone has to “sign in”. Now that’s not too bad for the casual visitor; regulars have to wait in line. Argh! Shades of the TSA at the airport.

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BUT, in concept it’s a bad policy. 10AM ensures that you’ll miss any of the doctors on their morning rounds. (I usually am their between 7 and 8 to catch them as they roll thru.) 9PM ensures that you’ll miss any of the stuff that goes on at night. (I recently sat with Frau until 3AM after they started a transfusion and gave her a sleeping pill.) Sorry but “one size” doesn’t recognize that my spouse has a complicated medical problem and the hospital is just not trustworthy enough to operate without supervision. Everyone tries hard, but it’s complicated and confusing with lots of different “hands”. American medicine doesn’t have a holistic approach where one person is the “quarterback”. The patient and their “advocates” have to be on top of everything.

BUT, more than anything, it’s about the “we’re going to tell you what to do”! Maybe they can get away with it. I’ll know tomorrow when I tell them that they are not meeting my and my patient’s needs. None of the “leadership” was available at 11PM when my wife was transferred out of MICU and a nurse informed me of the visiting hours. It’s demeaning and just one more loss of liberty. AND, it’s immoral, ineffective, and inefficient.

  • Immoral in that you are unilaterally enforcing rules that have not been agreed to in a voluntary fashion.
  • Ineffective because you have uneven enforcement and undocumented exceptions.
  • Inefficient in that it’s over reaching the need (i.e., secure the hospital from strangers by keeping out most “civilians”).

And, it’s not like you have a lot of choice. Saint Peters University Hospital has the same “identification requirement”. The Gooferment has limited the number of hospitals and they can’t be run like a McDonalds. So you have no choice. Like the Credit Card companies, politicians and bureaucrats make their problem yours. (Why don’t we have pictures on credit cards?)

So, why not “triage” visitors by the patient’s medical condition, patient’s mental condition, who the visitor is (e.g., spouse), and why would a sensible policy be. Why not have a more automated system? Why not badge relatives for chronic patients differently? Why not open visiting for caregivers? Why the police state?

Sorry, but it’s just wrong. No one wants food delivery people floating around the hospital at strange hours. And, in some cases, that policy might be appropriate. I’m not looking for a confrontation or a fight, but it may come to that. I bet they have exceptions already. Are parents of new borns restricted? Pediatrics? CCU and MIC may have a more liberal policy? Now if my wife was in for a bunion removal, I’d probably be a little less cranked up. But maybe not.

Are they running a hospital or a jail?

And, once they take Gooferment money and operate under Gooferment diktats, they become an agent of the Gooferment. Hence, everyone has their Constitutional rights. So what gives them the right to keep certain folks out? They can’t claim it’s private property.

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MONEY: Throwing your hard earned after tax money away

Do Food Product Dates Make Consumers Safer or Just Poorer?

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According to research by former University of Arizona anthropologist Timothy Jones, Americans throw away more than 40 percent—some 29 million tons—of all the food the country produces, creating both an environmental and an economic problem. There is waste all along the food chain, but by far the most occurs in homes, restaurants, schools, and other eating places. According to Jones’ study, the average American household wastes 14% of its food purchases. estimates that if 61% of Americans (the percentage that thought milk was spoiled when it reached the date on the bottle or carton) needlessly discard a quarter gallon of milk each month, they could be wasting over $700 million a year. Combining this figure with all the other foods in the survey, estimates that billions might be wasted every year by American households discarding good food.

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So it’s obviously “marketing” to get you to buy more.

And where are the Gooferment “protections” that we hear so much about?

I’m sure they are “protecting” the campaign contributions.

Guess we need more regulation?

Reform the “SELL BY” to be “SELL BUY date; SAFE UNTIL date”!

Caveat emptor.

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