GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Eric Peter’s Reader Rant! “We” Need and “I Believe”…

Here’s the latest reader rant, with my comments below: Dave writes: I went for years as a healthy individual until a staph infection last April. Almost died. I am 75. You never know when it is your turn to be sick . So I am on the state insurance called Medicare.

Source: Reader Rant! “We” Need and “I Believe”…

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I agree that you never know when it is your turn to be sick. But that is not the issue. The issue – the moral issue – is whether your sickness and associated expenses impose an obligation upon me enforceable at gunpoint. And mine on you. My position is that they do not. That your life is yours and mine is mine and we each ought to be free to live our lives as we think best; to plan for life’s exigencies and regardless of them, accept that our problems, whether the result of irresponsibility or not, don’t give us the moral right to pick up guns and point them at other people.

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As a little L libertarian, I agree that essentially EVERYONE is responsible for their own care.  However, under the guise of “insurance”, the Gooferment has made many promises, suggestions, “spins”, and innuendos about “coverage”.  So it’s no wonder that one of the “clovers” (Peter’s name for “We, The Sheeple”) is confused.  Given the “education” that passes for what happens in Gooferment Skrules, it’s no wonder that the disaster is ongoing.

I empathize with those of us in the same boat.  The Gooferment has stolen our savings by “taxation” and “inflation” in exchange for (non-existent) “protection” and (bankrupt and misrepresented) “insurance”.

What’s a crime victim to do?

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POLITICAL: Obamacare and the fiscal implications

March 3, 2013

The Early Stages of ObamaCare

Posted by Karen De Coster on March 3, 2013 04:06 PM

Here is a great talk given at The 21 Convention in 2012, by Doug McGuff, MD, a prominent member of the ancestral health (paleo-primal) community: “Fitness, Health, and Liberty.” Doug, an emergency room physician, is well known for his ‘Body By Science’ program, a high-intensity interval training program.

This is an important presentation because Doug presents the historical picture on how the physician-patient relationship went from a fiduciary relationship between provider and consumer to a 3rd party morass of collectivized medicine that sacrificed individual services to the needs of the masses in general in order to conform to the rules outlined by the medical establishment-insurance industry alliance.


Yes, if the “golden rule” is the driver — he who has the gold makes the rules — then the patient can no longer trust the objectivity of the doctor or the medical establishment.



POLITICAL: End “benefits” now

August 29, 2010
One payoff to pass Obamacare not paying off
Ed Lasky

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We know about the backroom deals made to get Congressmen to vote for ObamaCare but there were also favors cut out for unions, drug makers, and even small business to get them to support the program.

Guess what? The “credit” offered to small business to help them pay for the increased health care costs-due to ObamaCare mandates- turns out to be not much help at all.

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Make a deal with the devil and don’t be surprised when you get cheated.

Not much to say, but dealing with the Gooferment for “special favors” isn’t what business is supposed to be all about.

Remember this whole benefits mess was created by FDR’s wage and price control in WW2. And, generations later we are still screwed by it.

Time to take some bitter medicine.

Phase out “benefits”.

Businesses should pay their workers their full wage. Allow people to buy “health insurance” like car insurance. THen it would be “portable”.

Perhaps then credit unions to offer group insurance to its members?


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