MONEY: Wikipedia’s explanation of “malinvestment” is sparse


Dear Mister Lew:


Perhaps you could (if you are so moved), or one of your bright interns (you exploiter of the youth), could write an appropriate text for Wikipedia that truly reflect such an important word.

I’d do it, but I’m just a fat old white guy injineer. Remember the sources of my education: I’m just a fat old white guy injineer with: Law “degree” from watching Judge Judy, Medical “degree” from watching Doctor Phil, Building “degree” from watching “Holmes on Homes”, and Investing “degree” from reading about Bernie Made-off.

To which I’ll probably add ekenomicks from reading Mises and Rockwell. Yes, in college, (manhattan college manhattan dot edu), in my economics course, “Human Action” was on the supplemental reading list. And I read it then. Didn’t understand most of it. Surprised? Don’t be; in theology, we had to read a translation of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, Bhagavad Gita, and “Essays in Zen Budhism”. I hated that class; the Professor had a thing for “God and the Ways of Knowing” by Jean Danielou. Even four decades later, I can remember him babbling on about good old Danny Lou. But, those were the days. When Universities were truly about imparting wisdom regardless of the source. Not like today when it’s ersatz “whizdumb”.

In any event, I commend the link for your attention.

fjohn aka alibertarianin08824
behind enemy lines in Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee

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*** begin quote ***

Hello, welcome to a little thing called 750 Words

I’ve long been inspired by an idea I first learned about in The Artist’s Way called morning pages. Morning pages are three pages of writing done every day, typically encouraged to be in “long hand”, typically done in the morning, that can be about anything and everything that comes into your head. It’s about getting it all out of your head, and is not supposed to be edited or censored in any way. The idea is that if you can get in the habit of writing three pages a day, that it will help clear your mind and get the ideas flowing for the rest of the day. Unlike many of the other exercises in that book, I found that this one actually worked and was really really useful.

*** end quote ***

Amusing little site that has a way of getting under your skin.

I’m using it to write my course and my next book.

It sort of fits my early morning persona.

Maybe like Sudoku, it too will ward of the dreaded Alzheimer’s?

No one can see what you write but you can share the automated analysis of that writing.

See me at:

ROFL, yeah, I’m that nuts!

Now all I need is a tshirt declaring that I’m an ITSJ and a fat old white guy injineer. (But then I repeat myself.)


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RANT: Kagan not kosher; she unacceptable to Pro_lifers as well

Rabbis say Kagan not a ‘kosher’ Supreme Court nominee

*** begin quote ***

Alexandria, Va., Jun 27, 2010 / 06:13 pm (CNA).- According to the National Rabbinical Alliance and its more than 850 Orthodox Jewish members, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is not “kosher,” or fit to serve, on the court.

*** and ***

Spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, told Cybercast News Service that most groups are happy when “one of their own” is nominated to such a prestigious position. “A great deal has been made about the fact that she would be the second Jewish woman on the court,” Levin noted. “We want to signal to people across the country that we take no pride in this.”

*** end quote ***

Where is the statement by the Catholic Church in the USA that they oppose the nomination?

Where is the public outrage that this Socialist President will appoint an obviously biased “justice”?

Why can’t we see all the papers that she produced as Clinton’s Solicitor General?

Sorry, but I don’t feel very “represented” in this so called representative government!


And, she’s “young”. Can’t BHO44 appoint a nice old judge? Say 75! At least if it’s a mistake we won’t have to suffer very long!

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RANT: Remember Sotomayor? Oppose Kagan!

Sonia Sotomayor testified that the RKBA was an individual right, then proceeded to vote against it.

Kagan will do the same thing.

Yesterday’s 5-4 is hanging on by a thread!

How dumb are these Senators?

Lied to their face to be approved and then do what you want with a lifetime appointment.


Let’s make a rule that SCOTUS nominees must be 75 years old. Sort of a natural form of term limits.

Or, at least they have to be a judge or not a lawyer.


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TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010
JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn’t
James Fetzer
13 June 2010

*** begin quote ***

The demise of the “magic bullet” alone establishes conspiracy.

*** end quote ***

It’s hard not to have a tin foil hat when you read these “pages” that blow the lid. To me, even as a kid, that crappy gun that Oswald purportedly used was prima facie evidence that the story didn’t wash. Now that I know even more about guns, it’d have to be a miracle.

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SERVICE: VERIZON text from web is poorly designed


I sent a text message from the Verizon web site. (Yes, I was signed in despite the website’s design flaws about sign in.)

It gave me a response.

So I went merely on my way.

Never received a response. So I “texted” again from my cell this time.

I get a return phone call from the recipient asking me “if I’ve lost my mind”.

They received it and replied.

So, now I go check on the website and it’s like “what text message”.

If I have a tracking number AND the recipient, it can check.


I don’t have the 27 digit tracking number. (OK, I made that part up about 27 digit. But it’s a lot.)

And, apparently it doesn’t log it anywhere on the machine. Or, warn you that you’re goign to need it.

But where did the response go?

Argh! Squared!!

Verizon — not recommended. (Not that any of the others are much better from what I understand.)

Argh! Cubed!!!

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INTERESTING: It’s the Gooferment’s fault; not BP’s

June 26, 2010

Calm Judge Napolitano vs. Excitable Shep Smith

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Interesting the 75$M liability cap allowed BP to proceed without insurance. Interesting that the Gooferment predicted that spilled oil wouldn’t reach the shore. Interesting that the Gooferment immunizes itself and its bureaucrats from being held responsibile.


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NATIONAL: One uniform form for all health billing?

Saving Billions Of Dollars—And Physicians’ Time—By Streamlining Billing Practices

Source: Health Affairs

*** begin quote ***

The U.S. system of billing third parties for health care services is complex, expensive, and inefficient. Physicians end up using nearly 12 percent of their net patient service revenue to cover the costs of excessive administrative complexity. A single transparent set of payment rules for multiple payers, a single claim form, and standard rules of submission, among other innovations, would reduce the burden on the billing offices of physician organizations. On a national scale, our hypothetical modeling of these changes would translate into $7 billion of savings annually for physician and clinical services. Four hours of professional time per physician and five hours of practice support staff time could be saved each week.

*** end quote ***

A uniform billing process. Now that’s a good idea. Even statewide that could be a winner. But why does it have to be imposed. Surely all involved can see how this would benefit the industry. I smell the government with politicians and bureaucrats all wanting to claim credit.

Doesn’t medicare have such a thing?

Seems like Frodo’s ring. One ring to rule them all?

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Cut out “problem” down to size!

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Out of work? Out of luck

*** begin quote ***

We are facing the worst employment crisis in memory, but Senate Republicans insist on playing political games with jobless benefits, forcing the Democrats into a counterproductive slashing of the bill and then still voting as a block against it.

*** end quote ***

Correct me if I am wrong, BUT don’t the D’s control the Prez, the Senate, AND the House? They can literally send ALL the R’s home and nothing should stop them. Sorry, but you can NOT condemn the R’s for the lack of what you call progress on any issue.

Personally, as hard as it sounds, the Gooferment can’t spend us back to prosperity. Nor can they hand out unemployment “benefits” by borrowing from the Chinese and indenturing future generations.

Sorry, but folks are going to be hurt, take it on the chin, and even take big losses. For that we have to blame the politicians and bureaucrats. They were either asleep at the helm or corruptly blinded to the truth.

Sad to say but there is enough blame to go around. D’s or R’s. No one escapes the judgment of history.

That being said. We need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.

How about ending the drug war, pardon all the non-violent drug offenders, clase down the FDA, and send all the lobbyists home? Use the savings to pay down the debt.

How about adopting GW’s (George Washington’s foreign policy as pronounced by Ron Paul) by just bringing the troops home. Use the savings to pay down the debt.

How about getting the Federal Gooferment out of all sorts of things: the Agriculture Department, the Education Department, and Commerce, Energy, Transportation. Use the savings to pay down the debt.

We’d be back to “normal” in no time!

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SERVICE: VWBBIE down from Saturday night until this morning. Argh!

(1) I experienced an outage Verizon Wireless Broad Band (VWBBie) network from 2230 Saturday 26 Jun 10 until 0547 Sunday 27 Jun 10. please explain?

(2) When was 24 hour support eliminated?

(3) Why does the 914 error point me to a non-working number?


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RANT: Animal cruelty leds to human cruelty. Stop it!

June 13, 2010
Treating people like animals

*** begin quote ***

Cruelty to animals has been implicitly recognised as being a sign of behavioural problems in children for some time as it forms part of the diagnosis of conduct disorder, characterised somewhat glibly as ‘kiddie psychopathy’.

However, research has been slowly accumulating over the last few years that animal cruelty is related to lower levels of general empathy and is a signal that the person concerned may have abusive tendencies that extend towards other people.

*** end quote ***

Now, regular readers know I have very little use for the Gooferment. That being stipulated, there is really ONLY ONE legitimate function.

Protect rights!

Here’s a legitimate function and story about how it should be expanded due to scientific evidence behind it.

Animal cruelty appears to signal cruelty to humans.

So, after conviction on animal cruelty charges, there needs to be an investigation into any abuse of any human within their “reach”. As convicts, they need to be carefully “watched” for abuse. With zero tolerance for transgressions.

Like the famous fable of “the scorpion and the frog”, and the line “that’s what scorpions do”, these folks are abusers and need to be watched. Like pet rattlesnake, eventually a bite will occur.

There’s no excuse for not preventing abuse. And, everyone should be very sensitive and alert to the possibility.

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TECHNOLOGY: Portability Policy for your “data”

Your Portability Policy

*** begin quote ***

We have provided a set of questions and a few sample portability policies to help you get started. These are not intended to be comprehensive, and we expect that they will evolve over time. You are encouraged to add whatever topics or issues will help your users make informed decisions.

We aren’t trying to promote any particular policy, business model or technology. Rather, we hope to create standards that simplify communication and help customers make informed choices.

*** end quote ***

I have my own personal portability policy.

If I can’t get “my” data out then the site, service, or software has to have a huge value proposition.

Be nice if all sites adopted this as a standard. Even if it’s a closed island like Facebook, it would be valuable to know that upfront.

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SERVICE: What’s wrong with the “security” people at the UK Mail Online?

What’s wrong with the “security” people at the UK Mail Online?

They don’t set expectations and they don’t know that a password is a shared secret?


I wanted to make a comment on one of their stories. Doesn’t matter which one. But here’s the saga.

Comment box asks for Name and Location.

OK, that’s not bad.

Then, to get it published, you have to give them and email and a password.

OK, that’s not too bad. (I have a page of one time passwords. But how many folks do? Most just reuse the same one.)

Then, it doesn’t like my password length. (I like 12; it wants 5 to 10. Do you think you might mention that on the page that asks for it. I feel like I’m playing gotcha!)

OK, that’s not too too bad. (I drop the last two characters to get to 10. No big deal!)

Then, it doesn’t like that I have a special character in it. (I like 26 letters, upper and lower and special characters at random — 26 lc + 26 uc + 10 digits + 4 specials = 66 ** 12. I always score strong on most password ratings.)

OK, that’s not too too too bad. I drop the special characters and readd the two characters I dropped before.

Then, it says we’ll email you a link.

OK, that’s not too too too too bad. I’ll just wait for the link.

Then, I find the email after a short wait — hey it’s a long way across the pond. It has the huge multiline link to click. But being a member of the “I NEVER click email links” church, I faithfully copy the link to my plain text editor, cntl a, cntl c, and got my browser and paste.

OK, that’s not too too too too too bad. I get a message that they’ll post my comment if they see fit.

Then, I read the rest of the email message and I find my password, my “shared secret”, my “carefully generated but mangled by their rules” password in the clear for any system or mail administrator to read. With the subject, “Welcome to Mail Online”. (Not to hard to id that!)

OK, that’s bad.

How many “security rules” did they break? How many “human factors design principles” did they break?

Now I have to go back and change my password, just incase someone wants to post something under my name.

Ok, that’s very bad.

I could ramble on to make more lines with “very very very bad”. But I’m bored with the topic. And, my ADADHDD is kicking in.

# # # # #

Begin forwarded message:




Subject: Welcome to MailOnline

Thank you for registering with MailOnline

To authorise your new user account please click on the link below.

If comments on this article are unmoderated, your comment should appear shortly. If comments on this article are pre-moderated then your comment will be checked in advance and will be queued for checking. We receive thousands of contributions every day so please be patient. If your comment does not appear, this may be due to the volume we receive or your content.

To find out if comments under a particular article are pre-moderated or not, look just above the comments to see if they are “pre-moderated” or “unmoderated”.

If the above link does not work, copy and paste the link into the address box on your web browser.

Your log in details are shown below:



You can update your details at any time – just tick the box marked ‘Update my details’ next time you log in.


House Rules:

Privacy Policy:


# – # – #

*** begin quote ***

Thank you!

Thank you for adding a comment to MailOnline.

Comments on this article are being checked in advance. We aim to publish as many as possible. MailOnline receives thousands of comments every day, so please be patient. If your comments do not appear, this may be due to the volume we receive or due to the content of your comment.

Why not get the latest News from Mail Online delivered via RSS?

*** end quote ***

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RANT: The joy of graduation; marred by speakers

YESTERDAY I went to a graduation. Entertaining! The “beautiful” children, the happy relatives, the school staff, and at least two politicians.

(The children were all “beautiful”. Different shapes and sizes. Some dressed up; some down. One girl has new high heeled … … sneakers! Another wore what had to be five inch stilettos that were obviously new and she could barely walk in them. One guy had old sneaks; another plaid beach shoes. Funny! They were “beautiful” because they were almost all smiling. Full of joy. Enthusiasm. Party time. Sigh!)

They showed a photo slide show of the school and graduates. No words just music.

(A technical criticism of the “show”. This is VoTech with an “Arts” track. The music was ill-timed. Or mixed. The audience got restless when the music came to a natural end; the photos kept going. Some music rejoined the “show”. When the pictures began to repeat. The show was stopped. And we were left looking at the Windoze logo. The “show” wasn’t run by a student. <Unless students are very old.> So it was evidence of poor execution.)

The next “rudeness”was to leave the audience sitting there, looking around, wondering what was going to happen. A good ten minutes — I timed it — and there were at least five hundred people sitting there. What a waste. It was rude.

So finally some one got their act together, and the graduates paraded in. It was more like a dual column single file dash to the chairs. With gaps and bunches worthy of any freeway. As a vet of many parades, graduations, processions, it was shocking. And, I understand there were at least three practices. (What did they practice?)

Any way, then came the Pledge of Allegiance …


(The Pledge is un-American. Written by an American Nazi who was a flag salesman. TOo indoctrinate school children and make himself a bunch of easy sales. The whole American education system is designed to create dummies; cannon fodder for the Army and the factories. All designed to be led by the Elite! Argh!)

… which always makes me think. But then what did you expect from a gooferment school? Sure didn’t expect them to sing a hymm. However, they are a gooferment school so you have to expect some gooferment worship to be built in.

Then we got to the speeches. (Oh, joy, oh joy!)

First up was an old Board Of Ed fellow. He was almost impossible to hear. Can’t remember anything he said of value.

(How much in taxes have I paid for this school? The taxpayers got weenied. It’s supposed to be a theater. With acoustics and a sound system that stinks. I’d like to follow the money on that one.)

Next up was the politician from the Middlesex County Freeholders. She was at least audible. Unfortunately. (I really wish I had the text of the remarks so that I could adequately report what WAS said. As opposed to what I think I heard.) I heard some praise for the parents. With an assertion about what was the most important in a child’s development. I guess it was the parent’s willingness to send the children to school. (That’s what I think I heard!) Of course, I disagree. … …

(I’d say the most important single factor in a child’s development is really two co-factors. Parents aren’t a single homogeneous unit; they are a man and a woman seeking to propagate the species. — OK, that’s a side effect of the sought after activity — It is the Mom’s unconditional love for the child combined with the Father’s unconditional devotion to the child’s needs. Different, very different, but both essential. Schooling is way down on the list. And, gooferment supplied schooling is a GIANT negative imho.)

… … but that aside, I heard a lot of praise for teachers. Probably, three times as much time spent praising the teachers as the parents and students combined. I attributed it to a campaign speech for the Teacher’s Union support. The whole speech wasn’t overly long. All that was missing was to say “Vote Democratic” in thanks for your child’s education. As if there would be no education without the gooferment.

Moving on to the Salutatorian’s speech. The young lady was obviously nervous. And, we had the lousy acoustics and the lousy sound system, it was hard to hear. What I did hear sounded good. (My criticism was for the school’s bureaucrats for not having enough practice. She engaged in some banter with her mom sitting in front of us which was … … unseemly. They should have coached her to speak up and not to rush.) Again, I have no text so I can’t really comment on what she said. (I wonder if the graduate could even hear her since they didn’t seem to react.)

Moving on to the Valedictorian’s speech. The young lady was not  obviously nervous, but was watching the audience for feedback. She spoke well, despite the lousy conditions. She made some good points about doing one’s best at all times. Again don’t have the text. But was able to hear most of her remarks. (Again not a lot of reaction from the graduates.)

Then, was the obligatory diploma hand out. (More on that later.)

Flip the tassels and march out.


After that it was a disorganized Chinese fire drill. From what I understand the handouts were blanks. The now graduate had to go to a room and find their real ones. (Strange. Disorganized. And chaotic. Why am I not shocked at a gooferment process being so.)

So, upon reflection, I’d have like to have made a speech to the graduates.

*** begin quote ***

I’d like to give you my thoughts on this special day. Success for your generation is: (1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt; (2) a life long interest in learning — education — a degree — they can’t take it away from you; (3) a NON-OFFSHORABLE white collar job in order to save big bux; (4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber; (5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open; (6) develop a second business or avocation – under the radar – start small part-time; (7) a large will-maintained network of people who can “help” you; (8) buy assets that hold their value over time; and (9) emulate the Amish and Mormons for their sense of community, simple thrifty living, and true to core values. Remember the sources of my education: I’m just a fat old white guy injineer with: Law “degree” from watching Judge Judy, Medical “degree” from watching Doctor Phil, Building “degree” from watching “Holmes on Homes”, and Investing “degree” from reading about Bernie Made-off. I wish you the best. May your opportunities be huge, your difficulties minuscule. And, may you remember kindly the old loon who thought you might listen and benefit from his experiences.

*** end quote ***

All I could think about when the principal mumbled something about going on to: a job, higher education, or service in the military. Was he left out “McDonalds and Wahwah if you’re lucky”.

Think that’s too harsh.

Remember that In the United States, 8 million jobs were lost — most of these jobs will never return. And, any “good jobs” are being exported if at all possible. And, boys are clearly falling behind girls in both educational achievement and aspiration. This pattern has vast implications for marital prospects, since women express a strong preference to marry a man of equal or greater educational and professional potential. The collapse of the marriage culture within the working class means poverty in future children’s lives.

It’s the first generation that will have to settle for a lower standard of living than their parents.

And, they are going to be saddled with a permanent recession / depression economy like Japan’s two “Lost Decades”. Add to that debt and unfunded liabilities that they will have to come to terms with. And, it’s not going to be good times. (Unless we old fogies slash the gooferment back to circa 1790 – 1830 Constitutional limits. Argh!)

Instead I wrote “my” graduate this email:

*** begin quote ***

May I suggest that you read this?

Too bad you couldn’t have heard this instead of what you did hear. You did hear it; didn’t you? I wish I had a transcript to blog about. Argh! Sorry, but imho you didn’t get the best of inspiration.

BUTT (there’s always a big but) maybe you can take a lesson from the message’s text. (I have!) I thought this was excellent. Wish I’d heard it at any of my graduations or any that I’ve attended; maybe some of it might have sunk in.

It’s short. In addition to being good.

*** end quote ***

*** begin quote ***

I will hazard a prediction. When you are 80 years old, and in a quiet moment of reflection narrating for only yourself the most personal version of your life story, the telling that will be most compact and meaningful will be the series of choices you have made. In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story. Thank you and good luck!

*** end quote ***

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LIBERTARIAN: DoI’s “an inalienable right to life” when, and under what circumstances?

Extremist libertarianism By Steve Stewart | Tidewater News Published Saturday, June 12, 2010 Steve Stewart is publisher of The Tidewater News. His e-mail address is

*** begin quote ***

If an adult chooses not to wear a life jacket — or a seat belt or a motorcycle helmet — that’s one thing. He is old enough to weigh the risks and make a decision. It’s his life. An 8-year-old kid isn’t equipped to make that decision. When a reckless parent doesn’t see fit to take a simple step that will save a kid from drowning, I have no problem with the state saying he must.

Libertarian instincts aside, I disagree with Pollard. The collective wisdom of society does occasionally trump the not-so-common sense of an individual. In such cases, there oughta be a law.

*** end quote ***

The death of child is tragic. The unnecessary death is even more so.

That being said, we don’t worry about the preventable deaths of children in war, collateral damage, boycotts, embargoes, aboortion, the war against (some) drugs, poverty, swimming pools, car accidents, DWI, bathtubs, and … the ultimate killers … pais of water in the home!

(Before you say I’m absurd, please look up the most frequent cause of accidental drownings.)

SO what we have here is the political class saying they know better how to raise your child. We’ve already established that there is no EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE of a problem, no evidence that this law will solve more problems than it corrects, nor any evidence that the “law” would have any practical impact at all.

Now I understand that in the Declaration of Independence, “we”, (as if there was such a thing as “we”), assert that there is “an inalienable right to life”. (Isn’t it amusing when you quote their own documents back to the Statists and Socialists?) We have never agreed on when those “inalienable rights” inure to the “person”.

Is the legislator trying to state an answer to that question by preempting parental decision making?

The busybody politicians and bureaucrats are trying to run everything. With the fatal conceit. What did Thomas Sowell call it. “Conceit of the Anointed” Or Walter Williams. “The bottom line is that the idea that government bureaucrats have enough knowledge to manage an economy well is the height of conceit — what Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek called the “fatal conceit.” I’d call it the “conceit of the elite” that they would know better how to run your life than you do. With all their fancy “laws” (not like natural Laws), rules, regulations, diktats, or no-nos. And stuff still happens,

When you try to force someone to do something, even something that they would have wanted to do if left alone, they rebel. Because, instinctively, in their DNA, they “know” where that leads to: being a slave, mistreatment, and eventually the death camps. That’s why calling someone a Nazi is such a powerful slur. Like racist. Because you can IMMEDIATELY associate a picture with a label. And, we all know where it ends.

So, this politician tries to mandate “life jackets” for kids and we can trace it to its logical conclusion killing children in Auschwitz. May sound far fetched, but to me it’s as logical an outcome as any chemical reaction, the drips that cause stalactites and stalagmites. (Tites are tight to the ceiling) Or ants building a mound.

Drip, drip, drip. We lose out freedom. As Guliver is tied down thread by thread. No single drip, no single thread, no single “law” is enough to fight about. Like a parasite in a host, slowly eating it to death.

So the answer to every new intrusion, must be a firm “No”. “Never”. “Buzz off”.

“but it’s for the children”?

Well how about all these other “for the children” items that you don’t seem to care about.


Take your gooferment off our liberty!

“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” — Robert A. Heinlein

# # # # #

LIBERTY: The USA has been overthrown; by professional politicians and bureaucrats

My Life in Key West
Thursday, June 24, 2010
I slept late.

*** begin quote ***

President Obama did the right thing yesterday in the General saga. He was correct to replace McCrystal. The chain of command has to be followed. Civilian control of the military has to be respected.

I dislike a professional army. And we have one. There is always the danger of a military take over. Trust my concern. That is how revolutions occur in many countries. And with all the crazy factions out there today, it is a possibility.

I have spoken of this concern on the radio show and in this blog in the past. Just beware. Ever cautious.

The solution to the possible danger is simple. Return to the draft. Or perhaps one or two years of compulsory service starting at 18. If such occurred, our military would be less a possible danger to democracy. It would also result in less wars. Politicians would be less inclined to get us involved if their contstituent’s children would definitely have to serve.

*** end quote ***

>I dislike a professional army. And we have one.

Interesting that the Dead Old White Guys felt the same way. The Army was supposed to be disbanded after two years. And yet we have one? Navy was OK Constitutionally.

AND, don’t over look what the Dead Old White Guys may have found inconceivable. FBI, DEA, and all such bureaucrats with guns. Do not forget the KGB! Err, I mean Homeland Security and the TSA.

We should be afraid. Very afraid. You’d have thought that Obama coming form the Left side of the aisle, the side supposedly for Civil Liberties, would have dismantled some of these “Bush” or right wing intrusions. But, NO! Demonstrating that both sides of the aisle (supposedly separate and distinct “hate each other” political parties) merely want to take power over others. They are all alike: reward their friends, punish their enemies, and feather their own nests.

>There is always the danger of a military take over.

I’d suggest that we have been “taken over”. Not by the military, but by a class of professional politicians. They don’t follow the Constitution. (Lysander Spooner was right!) And, they do what they want and loot the public treasury at will. (If you think not, explain the so called “health care” vote. Most don’t want it. It wasn’t about “health”, “health care”, or even “health care insurance”. It WAS about seizing the power to control people by restricting their “heath care”. Just like any totalitarian.) No we need a “French Revolution” where these new aristocrats are removed from power.

>Just beware. Ever cautious.

I think the time for “awareness” is long over. If we are to have ANY hope of liberty, the Tea Parties must succeed in turning Congress into a revolving door. One term and your gone. Reduce the size of gooferment by a half or two thirds. Renege on the debt; end the Fed; and return to honest money. Stop the drug war and empty the prisons of non-violent offenders.

>The solution to the possible danger is simple. Return to the draft.

Oh, how could you advocate a return to slavery? Have you forgotten the lessons of the VietNam war? Remember Bush in the National Guard? Sure, the elite’s children will never go to war. And, like anyone cared about killing their constituents’ kids!

> Or perhaps one or two years of compulsory service starting at 18.

Slavery! My personal bias is that only combat vets should vote. Like Heinlein wrote.

“Interestingly, Heinlein also received some complaints about the lack of conscription in Starship Troopers (the military draft was the law in the United States when he wrote the novel).[50] Heinlein was always vehemently opposed to the idea of conscription (calling conscripts “slave soldiers” and arguing that a nation which was not able to find volunteers to fight for it did not deserve to endure).’

Or how about this?

“No man or group of men—including any group of men calling themselves “the government”—is morally entitled to initiate (that is, to start) the use of physical force, the threat of force, or any substitute for force (such as fraud) against any other man or group of men.” The Market for Liberty” Linda & Morris Tannehill 1970

May I suggest a short less than ten minute video? “An Animated Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty”

It is a simple yet intelligent introduction to libertarian ideas.

Perhaps, it might change your thinking?

# # # # #

MEDIABIAS: No bias in delay for the Global Warming grazillionaire!

The Gore complaint – Ben Smith: The Gore complaint
June 23, 2010

*** begin quote ***

Portland’s Oregonian today printed a police report echoing a National Enquirer story that a masseuse accused Al Gore of sexual harassment in 2006.

*** end quote ***

America is being badly served by the Fourth Estate!


It’s a shame when the National Enquirer sets the standard for “journalism”.

# # # # #


JFK. Analysis of a Shooting
Orlando Martin

*** begin quote ***

For a long time I had harbored the suspicion that the shooting of President Kennedy could not have happened as it had been disclosed. A long time ago, on a weekend, a program came on television concerning the assassination of the President. The documentary was shown on the History Channel, and Peter Jennings narrated it. As I watched the telecast I began to realize that some of the details of the shooting stated during the broadcast sounded vague, and were perhaps not entirely factual. The program featured the complete footage of the Zapruder film. After watching this program my previous suspicions regarding the assassination of President Kennedy were essentially confirmed. I began having serious doubts as to what had been officially disclosed concerning the shooting.

*** end quote ***

Having lived through that time and, at the time with barely an elementary understanding of guns, the “lone assassin with an old rifle”never made sense to me.

# # # # #

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment eddykation

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The state again makes the case for its removal from education

*** begin quote ***

Another Leaving Cert blunder. The state makes the best case for getting it out of the education process.

*** end quote ***

It’s amusing to see the Gooferment education system executing its assigned duties badly.

If you follow the history, all “western education” as currently practiced is all derived from the Prussian education system. The objectives of it were to make: “cannon fodder” for the Army, willing workers for the factories, and a dumbed down voter to be led by the intellectual elite.

Obviously the system works as planned. (Ever talked to a high school “graduate”? Try it. It’s mind boggling.)

IMHO the education system is (taa dah, wait for it): immoral, ineffective, and inefficient! (I should have that trio in my snippets text substitution tool.)


  • Rips children from their families
  • Forces parents to send their children to unsafe propaganda camps
  • Indoctrinates children with sutff that their parents don’t want them to learn
  • Forces parents to pay taxes to support education they find abhorent
  • Deprives parents of the money to educate their children as they see fit.


  • One size fits all as in wasted potential and wasted effort
  • Drop outs don’t count in graduation rates
  • Ever see the high school test form the 1890s?
  • Everyone gets promoted.
  • Feelings; rather than learning.


  • Costs out of control
  • Creates Educational Complex of poltiical suppliers
  • Created the teacher unions
  • Political football
  • One size fits all as in shoes!

# # # # #

# # # # #

LIBERTY: What is this thing called “government”; the Gooferment

“No man or group of men—including any group of men calling themselves “the government”—is morally entitled to initiate (that is, to start) the use of physical force, the threat of force, or any substitute for force (such as fraud) against any other man or group of men.”

“The Market for Liberty” Linda & Morris Tannehill (1970)

# # # # #

RANT: BHO44 and the Gooferment abuses

Obama’s thuggery is useless in fighting spill
By: Michael Barone Senior Political Analyst
June 20, 2010

*** begin quote ***

Or the decision to deny Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposal to deploy barges to skim oil from the Gulf’s surface. Can’t do that until we see if they’ve got enough life preservers and fire equipment. That inspired blogger Rand Simberg to write a blog post he dated June 1, 1940: “The evacuation of British and French troops from the besieged French city of Dunkirk was halted today, over concerns that many of the private vessels that had been deployed for the task were unsafe for troop transport.”

*** end quote ***

A great line!

Unfortunately, there are a lot folks who are suffering while this nonsense is allowed to go on.


# # # # #

POLITICAL: I thought is was all about finding the “truth”

Certain Knowledge
Why all crime-scene evidence should be DNA tested.
By Radley Balko
Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2010, at 9:59 AM ET

*** begin quote ***

Arguing over which evidence gets tested shouldn’t be part of either side’s strategy. The prosecution and the defense should begin knowing that all of the evidence has been tested or will be. For old cases like Skinner’s, if there’s significant doubt about the defendant’s guilt that testing could resolve, legislators shouldn’t wait for the courts—they should make sure themselves that testing is done.

*** and ***

By refusing to answer the question, Texas officials are acting as if preserving a conviction is more important than knowing for certain who killed Twila Busby and her sons.

*** end quote ***

One reason to oppose the “death penalty” is that it’s irreversible.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a search for Truth?

# # # # #

RANT: Independence Day?

A fellow alumni shared his thoughts for the Fourth. I’m not sure if I agree with his “patriotic” take on the day, the vet, and patriotism. I tapped out a response. Maybe it is harsh. But it’s authentic.

>considering some of the problems we Veterans have had in displaying things, I

The flag limitations are outrageous.

>Happy 4th of July!….

It’s Independence Day. But with the Gooferment taking an obscene percentage of our income and wealth (it’s incalcuable with taxes and fees hidden everywhere) and the large prison population (by number and percentage) and the 52/48 split between welfare / work and the huge number of gooferment “employees” and the national debt and the unfunded liabilities, it’s hard to say “independence” with a straight face.

Since 1970, the dollar has lost 98% of it’s value. The Constitution says only gold and silver are money. The income tax has been a disaster of special interest meddling. The death tax has destroyed more family farms and small business than can be counted. The debt and unfunded liabilities make us serfs. Corporate taxes bury taxes in both every day items and the capital cost of everything that makes stuff. And don’t get me started on welfare with its four generations of “welfare farmers”, corporatism, and the disabling of America. Or the psuedo war on (some) drug and how that impacts our “freedom”.


The Pledge is un-American. Written by an American Nazi flag salesman. TO indoctrinate school children. The whole American education system is designed to create dummies. Cannon fodder for the Army and the factories. Designed to be led by the Elite! Argh!

>For all of our other military personnel, where ever they may be.

We need to bring the troops home. And, engage in George Washington’s dictum “trade will all; no entangling alliances”. We need to be the Swiss porcupine.

>Support all of the troops defending our Country.

In case we don’t notice, the borders are being over run and the troops are NOT “defending”. At least, not “defending” us.

>our Military who are protecting our Country for our Freedom.

Ditto. With all the gooferment intrusions into civil society, we’ve lost our freedom. Have you noticed: “free speech zones”, “the surveillance society”, traveled through an airport, tried to carry a gun, or plan your finances with what the gooferment leaves you? Freedom, liberty?

>Thanks to them, and their sacrifices, we can celebrate the 4th of July.

They’ve been duped as have we. Doesn’t make them, and their sacrifices, any less noble.

>We must never forget who gets the credit for the freedoms we have,

Dead Old White Guys?

>of which we should be eternally grateful.

The unique American experiment in liberty. Never occurred anywhere else. Lost to the tyranny of “free lunch” socialism.

>I looked at him in uniform;

And was … … sad. Look at how we treat the wounded warriors. It’s a national disgrace.

>had fallen through the years.

In wars made by deceptive stupid politicians. Did I mention I like Heinlein’s idea that “only combat vets can vote and be allowed to hold public office”? Certainly would make for a lot less “wars”. And, all “wars” should be Constitutionally declared; not fought by tacit agreement. Last “war” that was fought was WW2.

>How many died on foreign soil;


>how many mothers’ tears?

Absolutely inexcusable!!

>No, freedom isn’t free.

No, it’s been sold in the halls of Congress and we are made serfs by their perfidy and treason!

>When a flag had draped a coffin of a brother or a friend.

Is brought home in the dead of night, hidden by the media when the right flavor of politician is in office, and wasted by these venial corrupt men and women. Where’s the outrage? I think the President, the Senators of that State, and the Congressional Rep, the Govenor, State reps, and mayor should “welcome” every body home and attend EVERY funeral. If that’s all they did, that would be fine. Maybe then they’d get the “message”?

>Enjoy Your Freedom

I don’t feel very “free”!

>God Bless Our Troops.

With enlightenment.

>say a prayer for our servicemen.

Every night. That they get home safe. Now!


I hope that everyone practices “intelligent patriotism.

I hope this comes across as I intended it.


Let’s get back to the Dead Old White Guys’ design.


Hope this gets passed around as well. Are you feeling “free”? With Obamacare coming soon?

# # # # #

HARDWARE: Don’t use your employer’s stuff

Employee Has No Right of Expectation of Privacy for Text Messages, Says U.S. Supreme Court   

*** begin quote ***

The bottom line is that, according to the Supreme Court, Quon had no reason to expect that his text messages on his employer-provided pager would be protected by a shield of privacy, and that the Ontario Police Department’s behavior in looking at the text messages was not an impermissible invasion of Quon’s privacy.

*** end quote ***

When hardware and service was expensive, then using your employer’s stuff MIGHT have made sense. Now with most everything dirt cheap, makes no sense at all.

As a matter of fact, it may even make sense to decline their hardware.

# # # # #

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Schools are undermining the American Experiment

In Praise of Capitalism: How the ‘Social Justice’ Left Uses Economic Incentives to Create Academic Propaganda
Posted by Patrick Courrielche Jun 8th 2010 at 4:21 am in Education

*** begin quote ***

Indeed, all colleges and universities are funded by tax dollars, whether public or private institutions. Public institutions receive 80% to 90% of their funding from public sources, according to Inside Higher Education. However, private institutions are not private in the same sense as private industry – they also receive substantial public funding, especially in research areas.

In addition to the federal gift that non-profit status brings in the form of no real estate taxes and no taxes on gains (including the billions in earnings on endowments), students who attend private institutions receive federally subsidized loans for college tuition, set at an arbitrarily high price. Additionally, private institutions receive billions (upon billions) in federal research grants from the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, et al. Private and public universities exist because of public funding – they are both a public trust.

Our higher education system should be used as a battleground for competing ideas – not a fifth column for biased political talking points. Unbiased research must be its cornerstone; without valid, unbiased studies, our society cannot make grounded, well-founded decisions about public policy.

*** end quote ***

Unfortunately, the Gooferment’s involvement in “education” is propaganda.

From the pre-schoolers in day care to the post-graduate “students”, they are all getting a full and unrelenting dose of “state worship”, “big gooferment is our mother ‘n father”, and “equality”.

They ignore that “The King” has always opposed “The People”!

Remember Zorro, Robin Hood, and the Three Musketeers? (Oh, yeah, in Musketeers, the King was the good guy against the evil Cardinal. But never mind, there’s always an evil villain in control of the levers.)

The schools have become a slush fund of patronage, hiding places for politicians to double dip, and a pool of labor for political campaigns. It’s just a mess.

It’s sad that education has been perverted to the service of the King.

The only solution is the Separation of Education and the State.  

# # # # #