SERVICE: VERIZON text from web is poorly designed


I sent a text message from the Verizon web site. (Yes, I was signed in despite the website’s design flaws about sign in.)

It gave me a response.

So I went merely on my way.

Never received a response. So I “texted” again from my cell this time.

I get a return phone call from the recipient asking me “if I’ve lost my mind”.

They received it and replied.

So, now I go check on the website and it’s like “what text message”.

If I have a tracking number AND the recipient, it can check.


I don’t have the 27 digit tracking number. (OK, I made that part up about 27 digit. But it’s a lot.)

And, apparently it doesn’t log it anywhere on the machine. Or, warn you that you’re goign to need it.

But where did the response go?

Argh! Squared!!

Verizon — not recommended. (Not that any of the others are much better from what I understand.)

Argh! Cubed!!!

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INTERESTING: It’s the Gooferment’s fault; not BP’s

June 26, 2010

Calm Judge Napolitano vs. Excitable Shep Smith

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Interesting the 75$M liability cap allowed BP to proceed without insurance. Interesting that the Gooferment predicted that spilled oil wouldn’t reach the shore. Interesting that the Gooferment immunizes itself and its bureaucrats from being held responsibile.


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NATIONAL: One uniform form for all health billing?

Saving Billions Of Dollars—And Physicians’ Time—By Streamlining Billing Practices

Source: Health Affairs

*** begin quote ***

The U.S. system of billing third parties for health care services is complex, expensive, and inefficient. Physicians end up using nearly 12 percent of their net patient service revenue to cover the costs of excessive administrative complexity. A single transparent set of payment rules for multiple payers, a single claim form, and standard rules of submission, among other innovations, would reduce the burden on the billing offices of physician organizations. On a national scale, our hypothetical modeling of these changes would translate into $7 billion of savings annually for physician and clinical services. Four hours of professional time per physician and five hours of practice support staff time could be saved each week.

*** end quote ***

A uniform billing process. Now that’s a good idea. Even statewide that could be a winner. But why does it have to be imposed. Surely all involved can see how this would benefit the industry. I smell the government with politicians and bureaucrats all wanting to claim credit.

Doesn’t medicare have such a thing?

Seems like Frodo’s ring. One ring to rule them all?

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