POLITICAL: Where does OBH44 get off using tax money for propaganda


Obama Administration to Spend $125M to Defend Pro-Abortion Health Care Law
by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor
June 7, 2010

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Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — The Obama administration is unveiling a new $125 million publicity campaign over the next five years to promote the pro-abortion health care law. Obama officials are relying on a pro-abortion former senator and a former official of a top pro-abortion group to make the case for the law.

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Where does the gooferment get off using tax money to propagandize the electorate to convince them they are wrong!

It’s immoral.

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The Rewards of Routine Maintenance

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I used to make fun of my cousin, Nick, for this. Nick has tens of thousands of dollars in the bank, yet he’s always getting late fees for things like the electric bill. “What the heck?” I asked him once. “How can this be possible?” He shrugged. “I don’t know,” he said. “I get the bills in the mail, put them on the table, and then I forget about them. They get buried under other mail. It’s only three or four months later that I find them again.” This used to baffle me, but now I understand.

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May I make an unusual suggestion? (It’s unusual for me. Not that I’m making a suggestion. I am after all a “know it all” and never leave a suggestion unexpressed. — “That’s supposed to be a joke, son.” Yosemite Sam — I try ONLY to suggest things that are free. This ain’t free.)


It costs about 15$/month. For this, they will receive your bills by USMAIL or over the net and put it in your “inbox”. It can automatically “action” your bills; paying them in full or in part. And, it emails you weekly summaries, reminders, and such. You pay them on their site and they send the checks or e-payments.

All very organized.

I recommend it highly. Especially if you’re disorganized, travel a lot, or have psych issues with bills in the mail.

It’s a great service.

At the end of the year, they will send you a CD of your stuff for 20$. It’s all very useful.

And, I recommend it. Highly.

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INTERESTING: Write your own obit

One thing that I have learned form reading all the old Jaspers’ obits is that you should write your own.

You should have your own “doomsday book”. It will come eventually to all of us. The financial writer all advocate having all your details in one place for your executor to access. Passwords as well.

I’ll have to start working on mine.

What color should it be?

Black? Nah, too somber. Inside I was a barrel of fun.

White? Nah, too pure. I certainly wasn’t that.

Pink? Nah, too gay. Not me.

Blue? Nah, too stodgy. That’s not the fun loving guy I was.

Paisley? Nah, too frivolous for a serious topic. I was always serious.

Guess it will be a recycled Green. For Jaspers. And, cheap. I was never cheap except in my old age.

Now where did I put my “treasure chest”. All I need is the eye patch to match my scar.


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QUOTE: “I never questioned my decision in letting her go”


“I never questioned my decision in letting her go,” he told reporters Friday. “In this day and age we get overprotective with our children. If you want to look at statistics, look at how many teenagers die in cars every year. Should we let teenagers drive cars? I think it’d be silly if we didn’t.”

Laurence Sunderland, the father of 16-year-old Abby Sunderland,
who failed trying to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo.

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p.s., Interesting quote

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The Australian maritime authority did not say how much the rescue mission would cost but said it would not be seeking compensation for the search, which initially fell just outside of Australia’s search and rescue region. It was not immediately clear if the French vessel would seek compensation.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think it is fair for the Taxpayer to bear the cost. It may or not have been foolish. But, for sure, it shouldn’t be the taxpayers’ problem. Not that I wouldn’t bust a gut to save anyone. Kid or not. But this wasn’t an accident. The military can use the practice. But Dad should get the tab! He should have found a sponsor to pay for it?

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