GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment eddykation

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The state again makes the case for its removal from education

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Another Leaving Cert blunder. The state makes the best case for getting it out of the education process.

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It’s amusing to see the Gooferment education system executing its assigned duties badly.

If you follow the history, all “western education” as currently practiced is all derived from the Prussian education system. The objectives of it were to make: “cannon fodder” for the Army, willing workers for the factories, and a dumbed down voter to be led by the intellectual elite.

Obviously the system works as planned. (Ever talked to a high school “graduate”? Try it. It’s mind boggling.)

IMHO the education system is (taa dah, wait for it): immoral, ineffective, and inefficient! (I should have that trio in my snippets text substitution tool.)


  • Rips children from their families
  • Forces parents to send their children to unsafe propaganda camps
  • Indoctrinates children with sutff that their parents don’t want them to learn
  • Forces parents to pay taxes to support education they find abhorent
  • Deprives parents of the money to educate their children as they see fit.


  • One size fits all as in wasted potential and wasted effort
  • Drop outs don’t count in graduation rates
  • Ever see the high school test form the 1890s?
  • Everyone gets promoted.
  • Feelings; rather than learning.


  • Costs out of control
  • Creates Educational Complex of poltiical suppliers
  • Created the teacher unions
  • Political football
  • One size fits all as in shoes!

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LIBERTY: What is this thing called “government”; the Gooferment

“No man or group of men—including any group of men calling themselves “the government”—is morally entitled to initiate (that is, to start) the use of physical force, the threat of force, or any substitute for force (such as fraud) against any other man or group of men.”

“The Market for Liberty” Linda & Morris Tannehill (1970)

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