LIBERTY: The USA has been overthrown; by professional politicians and bureaucrats

My Life in Key West
Thursday, June 24, 2010
I slept late.

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President Obama did the right thing yesterday in the General saga. He was correct to replace McCrystal. The chain of command has to be followed. Civilian control of the military has to be respected.

I dislike a professional army. And we have one. There is always the danger of a military take over. Trust my concern. That is how revolutions occur in many countries. And with all the crazy factions out there today, it is a possibility.

I have spoken of this concern on the radio show and in this blog in the past. Just beware. Ever cautious.

The solution to the possible danger is simple. Return to the draft. Or perhaps one or two years of compulsory service starting at 18. If such occurred, our military would be less a possible danger to democracy. It would also result in less wars. Politicians would be less inclined to get us involved if their contstituent’s children would definitely have to serve.

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>I dislike a professional army. And we have one.

Interesting that the Dead Old White Guys felt the same way. The Army was supposed to be disbanded after two years. And yet we have one? Navy was OK Constitutionally.

AND, don’t over look what the Dead Old White Guys may have found inconceivable. FBI, DEA, and all such bureaucrats with guns. Do not forget the KGB! Err, I mean Homeland Security and the TSA.

We should be afraid. Very afraid. You’d have thought that Obama coming form the Left side of the aisle, the side supposedly for Civil Liberties, would have dismantled some of these “Bush” or right wing intrusions. But, NO! Demonstrating that both sides of the aisle (supposedly separate and distinct “hate each other” political parties) merely want to take power over others. They are all alike: reward their friends, punish their enemies, and feather their own nests.

>There is always the danger of a military take over.

I’d suggest that we have been “taken over”. Not by the military, but by a class of professional politicians. They don’t follow the Constitution. (Lysander Spooner was right!) And, they do what they want and loot the public treasury at will. (If you think not, explain the so called “health care” vote. Most don’t want it. It wasn’t about “health”, “health care”, or even “health care insurance”. It WAS about seizing the power to control people by restricting their “heath care”. Just like any totalitarian.) No we need a “French Revolution” where these new aristocrats are removed from power.

>Just beware. Ever cautious.

I think the time for “awareness” is long over. If we are to have ANY hope of liberty, the Tea Parties must succeed in turning Congress into a revolving door. One term and your gone. Reduce the size of gooferment by a half or two thirds. Renege on the debt; end the Fed; and return to honest money. Stop the drug war and empty the prisons of non-violent offenders.

>The solution to the possible danger is simple. Return to the draft.

Oh, how could you advocate a return to slavery? Have you forgotten the lessons of the VietNam war? Remember Bush in the National Guard? Sure, the elite’s children will never go to war. And, like anyone cared about killing their constituents’ kids!

> Or perhaps one or two years of compulsory service starting at 18.

Slavery! My personal bias is that only combat vets should vote. Like Heinlein wrote.

“Interestingly, Heinlein also received some complaints about the lack of conscription in Starship Troopers (the military draft was the law in the United States when he wrote the novel).[50] Heinlein was always vehemently opposed to the idea of conscription (calling conscripts “slave soldiers” and arguing that a nation which was not able to find volunteers to fight for it did not deserve to endure).’

Or how about this?

“No man or group of men—including any group of men calling themselves “the government”—is morally entitled to initiate (that is, to start) the use of physical force, the threat of force, or any substitute for force (such as fraud) against any other man or group of men.” The Market for Liberty” Linda & Morris Tannehill 1970

May I suggest a short less than ten minute video? “An Animated Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty”

It is a simple yet intelligent introduction to libertarian ideas.

Perhaps, it might change your thinking?

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MEDIABIAS: No bias in delay for the Global Warming grazillionaire!

The Gore complaint – Ben Smith: The Gore complaint
June 23, 2010

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Portland’s Oregonian today printed a police report echoing a National Enquirer story that a masseuse accused Al Gore of sexual harassment in 2006.

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America is being badly served by the Fourth Estate!


It’s a shame when the National Enquirer sets the standard for “journalism”.

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JFK. Analysis of a Shooting
Orlando Martin

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For a long time I had harbored the suspicion that the shooting of President Kennedy could not have happened as it had been disclosed. A long time ago, on a weekend, a program came on television concerning the assassination of the President. The documentary was shown on the History Channel, and Peter Jennings narrated it. As I watched the telecast I began to realize that some of the details of the shooting stated during the broadcast sounded vague, and were perhaps not entirely factual. The program featured the complete footage of the Zapruder film. After watching this program my previous suspicions regarding the assassination of President Kennedy were essentially confirmed. I began having serious doubts as to what had been officially disclosed concerning the shooting.

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Having lived through that time and, at the time with barely an elementary understanding of guns, the “lone assassin with an old rifle”never made sense to me.

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