LIBERTY: Markets allow peaceful cooperation

“The Market for Liberty”
Linda & Morris Tannehill (1970)

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Government: An Unnecessary Evil

There was once a time when it was widely believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. Now we know better and most reasonable people have rejected these ideas. Similarly, most people have rejected the once widely accepted idea of slavery, and rightfully so. If you’re like most people, your government high school history classes probably taught you that slavery was abolished years ago. Government people wouldn’t lie to you, would they?

The book you are about to listen to explodes the myths of government. Its message is simple:

“Government is an unnecessary evil and freedom is the best and most practical way of life.” Spread this idea, and we can change the world. That is why I’ve taken the time to create this audio book. These days, many people do not have time to read and it would be a shame to allow such a brilliant work to continue to gather dust on the shelves of history.

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Gooferment is the meme that kills.

It’s hard to imagine a person, killing millions, without the assistance of a “government” to help him.

Genocides, Purges, Killing Fields, and such are only possible by gooferment. Even religious wars can’t match the numbers.

Liberty and Free Markets allow humans to peacefully cooperate with each other.

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MONEY: Keep rotating incumbents OUT!

Washington Democrats’ Out-of-Control Spending Spree Needs to Stop. Now
by Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)

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“Waiting and hoping for the best is no longer an option, not when 43 cents of every dollar we spend this year is borrowed from our kids and grandkids. Our posterity shouldn’t have to foot the bill because Washington Democrats can’t do what they were elected to do or summon the courage to say no to special interests with their hands out.”

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) R response 6/11/10

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Not that the R’s are any better than the D’s.

Our only defense is to start the carousel. Keep rotating incumbents OUT!

A marginal nutcase is better than these corrupt politicians.

Sorry, but, if we cant have NO government, then we have to have a lot less of it.

1. End the personal and corporate dole;

2. Dismiss gooferment public education;

3. Stop the various wars — foreign and domestic;

4. Repatriate the troops home;

5. Downsize ALL gooferments;

6. Eliminate all taxes but tariffs and excise.


7. Prosecute the “retired” and current politicians for “treason and sedition” against the Constitution. Make them pay off the debt that they ran up on our “credit card”.


Lest you think I don’t have a solution, I do.

Get off fiat money. Go back to the Constitutional gold / silver standard. Payoff the debt by a federal “yard sale” of assets. Issue 30, 40, 50, and 100 year bonds to “paper the debt”.

No more “unfunded liabilities”.

A moral promise was made in Social Security and to a certain extent it has to be fulfilled. BUTT (there’s always a big but) it may not be paid off at 100¢ on the dollar. Especially if your name is Donald Trump. We may have to do a means test on those who have been unjustly enriched by the prior political class decisions.

Unwinding this mess is going to be ugly, but we don’t have a lot of choice.

If they can do it in Chile, we can do it here!

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POLITICAL: Remember who discriminates — the Gooferment!

The right to discriminate
Posted: June 02, 2010
Walter E. Williams

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An interesting example is found in an article by Dr. Jennifer Roback titled “The Political Economy of Segregation: The Case of Segregated Streetcars,” in Journal of Economic History (1986). During the late 1800s, private streetcar companies in Augusta, Houston, Jacksonville, Mobile, Montgomery and Memphis were not segregated, but by the early 1900s, they were. Why? City ordinances forced them to segregate black and white passengers. Numerous Jim Crow laws ruled the day throughout the South, mandating segregation in public accommodations.

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The racist need control of the guns of gooferment to make us all racists!

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RANT: You ain’t keeping your employer provided healthcare say the gooferment’s own document

Keep Your Health Plan Under Overhaul? Probably Not, Gov’t Analysis Concludes
Posted 06/11/2010 07:32 PM ET

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Internal administration documents reveal that up to 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage because of ObamaCare.

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A White House official told IBD: “This is a draft document, and we will be releasing the final regulation when it is complete. The president made a promise to the American people that if they liked their health care plan, they can keep it. The regulation, when finalized, will uphold that promise.”

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Yeah, take a politician’s promise to the bank.

Here we have an example of the deceit of the political class!

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