LIBERTY: No death penalty; no matter how horrendous the crime

Opinions expressed in the post above are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski only.

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Go ahead, call me a Neanderthal. Call me unwoke. A guy who just doesn’t “get it.”

I believe in the death penalty. I don’t believe an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth per se. I don’t believe that the robber should have his hand removed. But I do believe a life for a life.

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I think you’re wrong.

As gun owning pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I think there are THREE significant arguments against the death penalty (from weakest to strongest): (1) it’s an unConsittional cruel and unusual punishment — actually barbaric. (2) the “system” makes mistakes all the time — search “project innocence”. (3) we should never permit the government to ever kill its citizens — lest bad opinions become a “capital offense”. 

As horrendous as this murder is, she must have been insane. I think it’s a contra-survival gene that in nature will eliminate itself. It punishment enough to imprison her past her reproductive years.

Since every rule has to have exceptions, there are a class of killers that are too dangerous to send to jail. A convicted murder, that kills a prison guard, is in this category.  

I favor a “Devil’s Island” solution that put the convict out of sight and contact with other humans. Something like a geo-fence that if they leave their “confine”, their head explodes.

Since all life is precious and fragile, we should be extremely circumspect about killing things.

Especially when we allow the Gooferment to do it!

The DoI says “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.


1. It was a great year for global efforts to end capital punishment. The death penalty was abolished in Malaysia, Zambia, the Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea and Equatorial Guinea, one of the world’s most authoritarian countries. More than 70% of the world’s countries have now removed the death penalty in law or in practice.


GOVERNACIDE: Under NO circumstances should the Gooferment be permitted to kill anyone

(GALLUP) Most favor death penalty for murderers
Dated: November 20, 2022 by Sharyl Attkisson

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The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.

The majority of Americans, 55%, are in favor of the death penalty for convicted murderers in the U.S.

While this marks the sixth consecutive year that support for capital punishment is between 54% and 56%, it is below the 60% to 80% readings recorded in the four prior decades between 1976 and 2016.

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As a pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I don’t want the Gooferment killing people as a general rule.  In a declared war, maybe.  In an “active shooter” situation, definitely to stop killing innocents.  In the case of murderers who are too dangerous to incarcerate (e.g., a murder kills a prison guard) maybe.

Congress has the Constitutional power of Marque and Reprisal.  That’s different than the Gooferment killing someone directly.

Certainly the President should NOT be allowed to kill American citizens in a foreign country! 

Look at all the Project Innocence cases.  You can’t reverse a death penalty.

And that doesn’t consider the time and cost of a “death penalty” case.

So let’s make a life sentence for murder a real life sentence.  No parole; no compassionate release.


GOVERNACIDE: The Gooferment should never have the power of life and death

The heinous Buffalo supermarket massacre screams for the death penalty
By Michael Goodwin
May 17, 202210:01pm

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Politicians, the media and citizens across the nation are united in denouncing the white man who slaughtered 10 black people at a Buffalo supermarket. There is also fury at how he was able to buy the rifle he used months after cops ordered a mental-health evaluation following an earlier threat to carry out a ­shooting.

Yet despite the anger and wall-to-wall media coverage, largely unsaid is what the punishment should be. That’s at least partially because New
York doesn’t allow the obvious answer — the death penalty. 

Although the Empire State has not carried out an execution since 1963, it had the law on the books for many years until 2007. So even if a
county district attorney wanted to seek the ultimate punishment in this case, the state legal code doesn’t allow it.

But federal law does. And if President Biden considers the massacre to be as heinous as he claimed in his Tuesday remarks in Buffalo, he will direct Attorney General Merrick Garland to have federal prosecutors take over the case and, if they win a conviction, seek the death penalty. 

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I don’t care how “heinous” the crime, and I find this one to be abhorrent, I NEVER want the Gooferment to kill people.  

As a pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. How often do we find that the Gooferment gets things wrong? 

In this particular case, the Gooferment and its “systems” failed to detect and stop this killer. 

Personally, I’d like to have an investigation of when drugs, if any, he was taking. SSRIs?

Let’s lock him up forever, but keep him alive to be studied.  And, as a constant reminder of the evil that he represents.

Besides capital cases, cost a small fortune and take decades. 

I’m only for the death penalty when a “Hannible Lector” type is too dangerous to keep alive.


POLITICAL: I thought is was all about finding the “truth”

Certain Knowledge
Why all crime-scene evidence should be DNA tested.
By Radley Balko
Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2010, at 9:59 AM ET

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Arguing over which evidence gets tested shouldn’t be part of either side’s strategy. The prosecution and the defense should begin knowing that all of the evidence has been tested or will be. For old cases like Skinner’s, if there’s significant doubt about the defendant’s guilt that testing could resolve, legislators shouldn’t wait for the courts—they should make sure themselves that testing is done.

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By refusing to answer the question, Texas officials are acting as if preserving a conviction is more important than knowing for certain who killed Twila Busby and her sons.

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One reason to oppose the “death penalty” is that it’s irreversible.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a search for Truth?

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