OBSERVATION: In Lieu Of Convention, Republicans Just Broadcast Footage Of Riots In Democrat-Controlled Cities For 3 Hours

CHARLOTTE, NC—Republicans had a big, festive convention planned for this week but canceled it at the last minute, opting instead to broadcast footage of riots in Democrat-controlled cities for nearly 3 hours. The post appeared first on The Babylon Bee .

Source: In Lieu Of Convention, Republicans Just Broadcast Footage Of Riots In Democrat-Controlled Cities For 3 Hours

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I know the “Babylon Bee” is a satire site.

But, as I have said before, many a true word is said in a joke!

I don’t see how DJT45 can lose?


OBSERVATION: A Mathematics Paper Two Math Journals Were Mau-Maued into Suppressing – Volokh Conspiracy : Reason.com

A Mathematics Paper Two Math Journals Were Mau-Maued into SuppressingAcademic discourse is increasingly under threat from activist professors.David E. Bernstein|Sep. 8, 2018 3:32 pmAccording to Professor Ted Hill, Amie Wilkinson, a senior professor of mathematics at the University of Chicago, launched a successful campaign to get one mathematics journal that had accepted his paper withdraw its acceptance, and a second journal to “unpublish” the paper after publishing it online, apparently because discussing even mathematical models of hypothetical sex differences is forbidden if someone might interpret the discussion as conflicting with feminist orthodoxy. The saga is recounted in the linked story.

Source: A Mathematics Paper Two Math Journals Were Mau-Maued into Suppressing – Volokh Conspiracy : Reason.com

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Unfortunately, this is the state of the nation.

Like Tom Woods’ 3×5 card of allowable opinion.

So, I’ll add my tiny squeak to the “barbara streisand effect” to defeat the self-appointed censors of the ilLiberal Left.


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OBSERVATION: People can be clueless


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“We warned them, we told them this oil can catch fire any second but a lot of people still came.”

Imran Shah, a highway police spokesman, on the explosion of a fuel truck in Pakistan that killed at least 138 people and injured nearly 150 others. Traffic officials closed the highway on either side of the overturned truck, but a large crowd, including residents of nearby villages, gathered to try to scoop up the fuel.

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Wonder if they were just so poor that it was worth the risk?

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OBSERVATION: Maybe all dolphins ain’t Flipper?


Clare dolphin attacks again, swimmers warned to stay clear
Don’t enter the water with a dolphin the public is told
By IrishCentral Staff Writers,
Published Saturday, August 3, 2013, 8:27 AMUpdated Saturday, August 3, 2013, 8:27 AM

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The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) has issued a stark warning to the public after a swimmer suffered a compressed vertebrae, broken rib and damage to her lungs when a dolphin rammed into her in Doolin, County Clare.

According to RTE the incident, which happened as the woman was trying to climb out of the water, was one of several to involve the dolphin, called Dusty, in recent weeks.

In a statement on its website, the IWDG said: ‘Clearly this level of injury is very serious and a fatal attack could easily happen.’

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I always had the illusion that dolphins are a water version of a dog or a cat.

Guess that gets a revision.

It’s a dangerous world out there.

Time to update our collective thinking.

Hmmm, wonder if dolphin tastes like tuna?

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OBSERVATION: Thank you! 39/125 pints and 26/75 bags

Evlynn Marie Mahoney Reinke
(July 1, 1947 – February 26, 2011)

Our Girl hated to owe anyone anything. In the last year of her life, she was always upset with the amount of fluids she was using. Say what you want about the American Medical Establishment, they never hesitated to give what she needed at the time. Even when it was clearly like pouring it down the drain. She was using AT LEAST 2 pints of packed blood and 1 bag of platelets.

Final score: 125 pints and 75 bags in a losing effort.

I always calmed her down with: “Don’t worry. I’ll replace it.” “Promise?” “Yup!”

With yesterday’s platelet donation, I’ve replaced 26 bags. Should be four more, but one time the machine broke (what a mess) and another the needle ripped my vein. At the current pace, a little more than 2 years to go.

Since if I “do the platelets”, I can’t do the blood. So her family and friends have taken up that challenge. So far, we’ve snagged 39 pints in three blood drives.

Feel free to join in?

It’s not anything really organized. Send me you receipt and we’ll put you on the team.

Need a name?

“Bleeding for Evy”?

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OBSERVATION: WalMartians; their behaviors


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“Lord, if it’s Your Will, please don’t let me screw up the reading or do something else dumb. If it is You Will that I do that or worse, please make it BIG, so Amy can win Big Bucks on Americas Funniest Videos. … But if there has to be a screw up, I will happily cede that “honor” to her (wonderful?) Dad, my “Older” friend. … ROFL! … Dona Nobis Pacem.

p.s., Amy Dandola Amy, stop playing on Facebook, and get going.

p.p.s., Thanks for picking a hotel next to WalMart. Been for my morning “walk”. It was empty. How kool to wander the aisles. But have to report that a fellow WalMartian, while browsing on one side of an aisle rack (thus blocking that path) had left her cart !across! the other side of the aisle. Thus effectively blocking the aisle. I the spirit of your Day, I said an “Irish prayer” and detoured. It must be genetic to WalMartians?

*** end quote ***

Maybe that’s my next book: “WalMartians; their meme, paradigms, and behaviors”!!!

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OBSERVATION: Not the the “Last Lecture”, but the Last Laff”


I’m in a corporate apartment two blocks away from work.

I’m waiting to close on a condo about 3 blocks away.

So the commute is, and will be, trivial.

Since I have “no life”, I work 7am to 6pm. And eat two meals in the cafeteria.

So, i guess it’s like prison?

Once I get a handle on my new job, I’ll get back to my writing.

Right now everything is hectic.

Which my relatives think is good for me. We’ll see.

They may be humoring “grumpy”, Ihe fat old white ingineer.

In order to grow the estate, that will allow them to live in the style that they’d like to become accustomed to.


Guess they’ve never read about some crazy old lonely loon who leaves everything to their cat.

And, they haven’t heard about me buying a dog called “Evlynn”.

He, who laffs last, laffs best?

Even if it’s a fat old white guy injineer!

With apologies to the “Last Lecture” fellow, <<<Randy Pausch, RIP 2007 at age 47>>>, who taught me “the fake” and the definition of “brick walls”.

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OBSERVATION: Why “we” fail? Hidden memes.


I can see the diff.

The day doesn’t seem to start until after 9 and seems to end promptly at 4ish. Official hours are 845 to 1715.

I caused a stir when someone was bemoaning the lack of time to meet and I said: “there’s always Saturday morning”.

They all laughed, thinking I was making one of my characteristic jokes.

I just smiled and filed that away for future use in a future blog post. (This is it!)

I wonder how committed I ever was to any work task?

Probably, just the same.

“[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.” — Yoda (Fictional character from George Lucas’s “Star Wars” movie)

There’s a Zen adage for this. Hope it comes to me soon. That, in and of itself, is not “being in the moment”! LOL?

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