EVLYNN: Donated a “double” today

They didn’t have the usual setup today so everything was “approximated”. Hence, they were only taking singles and doubles today. DRAT!

Due to my “superior qualifications” as a “cow”, they were able to “milk” me for a double.

That translates to four bags of platelets for someone who needs them.

They find it harder to get platelet donors than whole blood donors. 

(Hey, it’s hard work hooked up to one of these “dumb” boxes. And, you have to sort of focus, “squeeze the little ball on the draw, and relax on the return”. Over, and over, and over. For about 2+ hours. Fortunately, I’m a good layer around. Today, I listed to all my @tswift13 music.)

Any way, that brings me to 70/75 bags replaced.

Never let it be said that I let Our Girl down with an unkept promise.

(But my butt still hurts!)


Join me next month?

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OBSERVATION: Thank you! 39/125 pints and 26/75 bags

Evlynn Marie Mahoney Reinke
(July 1, 1947 – February 26, 2011)

Our Girl hated to owe anyone anything. In the last year of her life, she was always upset with the amount of fluids she was using. Say what you want about the American Medical Establishment, they never hesitated to give what she needed at the time. Even when it was clearly like pouring it down the drain. She was using AT LEAST 2 pints of packed blood and 1 bag of platelets.

Final score: 125 pints and 75 bags in a losing effort.

I always calmed her down with: “Don’t worry. I’ll replace it.” “Promise?” “Yup!”

With yesterday’s platelet donation, I’ve replaced 26 bags. Should be four more, but one time the machine broke (what a mess) and another the needle ripped my vein. At the current pace, a little more than 2 years to go.

Since if I “do the platelets”, I can’t do the blood. So her family and friends have taken up that challenge. So far, we’ve snagged 39 pints in three blood drives.

Feel free to join in?

It’s not anything really organized. Send me you receipt and we’ll put you on the team.

Need a name?

“Bleeding for Evy”?

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