OBSERVATION: Why “we” fail? Hidden memes.


I can see the diff.

The day doesn’t seem to start until after 9 and seems to end promptly at 4ish. Official hours are 845 to 1715.

I caused a stir when someone was bemoaning the lack of time to meet and I said: “there’s always Saturday morning”.

They all laughed, thinking I was making one of my characteristic jokes.

I just smiled and filed that away for future use in a future blog post. (This is it!)

I wonder how committed I ever was to any work task?

Probably, just the same.

“[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.” — Yoda (Fictional character from George Lucas’s “Star Wars” movie)

There’s a Zen adage for this. Hope it comes to me soon. That, in and of itself, is not “being in the moment”! LOL?

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2 thoughts on “OBSERVATION: Why “we” fail? Hidden memes.

  1. There’s probably no record of those people who died because they didn’t spend enough time at work. I’d question your understanding of the meme “work”. You think means time spent away from family laboring on someone else’s priority for a wage. I think “work” is what they guy, gal, or child does picking crops. Sweating their off. That’s “work”! Everything else is something else. That’s one meme. Here’s another. The taxonomy of all human activity is EITHER “work” OR “play”. I’d assert that “work” differs from “play” in that work results in a non-trivial outcome. Whereas play is really “work prep”. So, if some one dying says “I wish I had spent more time at play.” And play is preparation for some type of work. Then it’s a tautology. It means the same thing.

    See instead of drinking in college at the frat house, ya shudda studied “ontology”!

    That’s the five dollar word that sez:”we use te same word but it means different things”.

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