SOFTWARE:Suggestion to MARSEDIT, a blog posting client, for improving a great product

I’d like MARSEDIT (4? as opposed to 3.4.4 4949) to:

(1) Parse the message for tag suggestions.

(2) Have all the blog’s used tags in a right hand scroll bar like categories.

(3) On the change date, have choice for now.

(4) On the post to blog function, display the post date, allow a change, and say confirm. Like when I have no tags or categories.

(5) Support stationary for blog posts. Not colors, but predefined format with text.

(6) Make me thin, young, and handsome.

When can I have it?

At no extra cost, of course.

“Customer F. John Reinke”

# – # – # – # – #

And, shortly after I send it, I remembered: “And add the date to the individual post screen by where choose the blog it goes to.”

# – # – # – # – #