FUN: Taylor Swift wins twice

Stayed up too late, two nights in a row.

Saturday night, watch FLOTUS present Ms. Swift with the “Big Help” award. The two were obviously fans of each other.

(But I did think the acceptance speech was awkward, but heart felt. Maybe the little girl is growing up and can’t just wing it anymore.)

(Yeah, I know. No life watching the slime show.)

I thought FLOTUS was a good sport when the slime flew. Some commenters on the UK site thought she was the devil incarnate. Fair’s fair. While I don’t like her politics, she did well inspiring little kids. And I heard nothing political in her words. And, it seemed like her girls were having a ball.

Sunday night, ACM entertainer of the year (again). (She owes it all to Meridith the cat. That probably sent all the tweens and teens to voting.) Sad that she was dateless. But she showed real class with her “shout out”.

(It’s reported that she’s promised to make it up to the sick young man in the hospital. I bet it’s even better than the ACMs.)

So other than admitting I have no life. It was two fun evenings.

(Who else could be “entertainer of the year” when she blew them all away in dollars earned?)

Oh well, what will she accomplish next?

(And, she was a knock out. Eat your heart out all the dumb guys who let her get away. Good jokes about “Denver sacrificing a virgin” and Swebow on the ACM.)

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FUN: Child’s Prayer

Child’s Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take.

God bless …

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My proposed Child’s Daytime Pryer

Now I arise from bed,
New challenges in my head.

If I should falter doing good today,
I pray the Lord to guide me back to His way.

God bless …

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