RANT: PAYTRUST has a cumbersome new account authorization process

Wanted to add a new checking account to PAYTRUST.

(PAYTRUST is a “recommended” pay-for service. Not cheap and very “risky”, but very valuable. But not without its warts, odors, and frustrations. Not the least of which is “support” tends to be “pig headed”. But if you’re persistent, you can break thru.)

So first you have to enter all the data. THEN, they tell you that you have to send a copy of your DL and a void check.

(1) WART: NJ’s DL is tough to copy. It’s pink lettering on a rose color background. I can barely read it. Had to play with the Office Jet’s settings to get something. I think it’s readable, wi’ll see what PAYTRUST thinks.

(2) ODOR: PAYTRUST should describe ALL the steps in getting a new account working.

(3) FRUSTRATING: Other than normal operations, “every thing else” seems like a pain in the <synonym for donkey>?

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