TECHNOLOGY: Paytrust changes their UI and makes it unusable

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Unfortunately, the old interface is no longer available. We understand that the new interface takes some time getting used to and we are definitely here to assist. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you need further assistance with the new interface, please contact us at 800-729-8787 for your bill payment needs. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your bill payment needs.

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What a way to lose Customers!

What pain in the A-double-Q to change out.


Oh well, an idea who’s time has past.

I wonder who did their User Interface design.


RANT: PAYTRUST has a cumbersome new account authorization process

Wanted to add a new checking account to PAYTRUST.

(PAYTRUST is a “recommended” pay-for service. Not cheap and very “risky”, but very valuable. But not without its warts, odors, and frustrations. Not the least of which is “support” tends to be “pig headed”. But if you’re persistent, you can break thru.)

So first you have to enter all the data. THEN, they tell you that you have to send a copy of your DL and a void check.

(1) WART: NJ’s DL is tough to copy. It’s pink lettering on a rose color background. I can barely read it. Had to play with the Office Jet’s settings to get something. I think it’s readable, wi’ll see what PAYTRUST thinks.

(2) ODOR: PAYTRUST should describe ALL the steps in getting a new account working.

(3) FRUSTRATING: Other than normal operations, “every thing else” seems like a pain in the <synonym for donkey>?

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This Guest Book has been kept open until 4/16/2012 by Memorial Oaks Funeral Home. After that date, it will remain available for viewing-only, unless sponsored.

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LEGACY, the obituary site, has new level of “service”.

Before, Guest books disappeared unless sponsored. Now there appears to be a third alternative — probably a deal struck with the funeral homes for free advertising — the guest book remains readable, but not updateable. Big win for LEGACY. Puts a LOT of pressure on folks to eternalize.


All in all I think it is progress.

Which all “services” would improve their offerings! Are you listening PAYTRUST, YAHOO, MICROSOFT, 1AND1, Verizon, and AT&T? Just a quick top o’ the head list incomplete and in no particular order. Argh!

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INTERESTING: Sneaky Computer Security Tips

(0) OBVIOUSLY use unique passwords in every instance. (Use LASTPASS, ROBOFORM, or KEYPASS to remember the UNIMPORTANT ones. Do you care if someone can “share” your PORN stash. (Like I’d EVER have porn. You can catch a case of the computer equivalent of a social disease — malware, virus, or data leak. I think the real kind MIGHT be easier to cure.)

(1) Never STORE financial passwords anywhere, but in your head. (And, in a sealed envelope, located in your bank safe deposit box, for your executor.) Never ever! (If you have more than 5 ± 2, you have too many accounts.) Sorry guys, I don’t even trust my most TRUSTED  vendors. (Fact of life. Don’t trust. You won’t be disappointed.)

(2) If you do STORE a profile somewhere, ALWAYS use your real birthday ± 1. (It’ll be our little joke. Play along with all the FACEBOOK birthday wishes. Your real life fans will enjoy the joke. You DO have real life friends; don’t you? So sad if you don’t. You can link to me. I have very few — hi oldest, older, and just plain old!)

(3) If you do STORE — obviously not USE — a credit card number, ALWAYS do a typo with the “secret number” and add ± 1 to the last digit. (Then when someone has a security breech, they have your garbage.)

(4) If you do STORE an address for your self, put a typo somewhere so you know who to blame. (Personally I like middle name. “Hi, I’m F. 37 REINKE.”)

(5) If you can and it’s not needed for credit, add ± 1 to your SSN. (“Oh, sorry, I made an oopsie.”)

(6) ALWAYS mess with the secondary authentication questions. But do it in a consistent manner! (“Where were you born?” “Bayonne158” That’s Our Girl’s and her favorite number.) Caveat: Three sites — CAREMARK CVS, PAYTRUST, BOA — make you remember it from time to time. (If I forget, there is always “call one 800 outsourced service desk”. Reset them to colors. Then go in and immediately change them.) I always record my answers in LASTPASS ± 1. A great tool.


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