TECHNOLOGY: Dropping Google and returning to the “less evil” empire of Apple

2020-Nov-11 1257

Ok, I admit that my attempt to move from Apple to Google was a complete and utter failure.


  • By killing Google Cloud Print, it made my printer “obsolete” with no alternative. (Was the final straw!)
  • Google docs and sheets are no where near as good as Microsoft Office.
  • Google’s “end of life”-ing chromebooks is inexplicable.
  • Google’s 4a offering was “unsubscribable”. (A tech giant should be able to do that!)
  • Google has no support comparable to Apple’s.
  • Google Fi’s beem a disappointment compared to Altice Mobile.


  • Has a remarkable consistency in their infrastructure.
  • While killing iTunes Apple Music, iWeb, and a parade of obsolescence, it has been as disruptive as Google’s “end of life”-ing chromebooks.

I’ll continue to watch the field, but it’s no sense wasting anymore time.

I’ll still recomend chromebooks with the caveats about printing and “end of life”-ing.


(My apologies for the bad advice!)


CLOUD: Another free sharing site bites the dust

Microsoft to shut down its file-sharing site December 15
Microsoft is shutting down its site in December and advising affected users to go with LinkedIn’s SlideShare and/or OneDrive for their file storage needs instead.
By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | June 9, 2017 — 11:40 GMT (04:40 PDT) | Topic: Cloud

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Officials posted a notice of the planned end of service on June 9 on its site. In that note, Microsoft attributed overlap between SlideShare, which is part of LinkedIn, and OneDrive with as the reasons for the December 2017 closing. Microsoft bought LinkedIn last year.

Microsoft is advising users to migrate and/or delete content they shared on as soon as possible.

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Clearly, you can NOT depend on anything that is free.

It either goes PAY or goes away.

That, imho, reenforces Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud as reliable services.

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Microsoft Quietly Shuts Down MSN TV, Once Known as WebTV
JULY 6, 2013 AT 7:31 PM PT

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Microsoft said that its MSN TV service will be closing down at the end of September, in a post on its Web site and in an email to users.

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So what do you do with the now worthless hardware that you bought?


This doesn’t bode well for ANY cloud User. Even if you pay, it may disappear.

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This Guest Book has been kept open until 4/16/2012 by Memorial Oaks Funeral Home. After that date, it will remain available for viewing-only, unless sponsored.

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LEGACY, the obituary site, has new level of “service”.

Before, Guest books disappeared unless sponsored. Now there appears to be a third alternative — probably a deal struck with the funeral homes for free advertising — the guest book remains readable, but not updateable. Big win for LEGACY. Puts a LOT of pressure on folks to eternalize.


All in all I think it is progress.

Which all “services” would improve their offerings! Are you listening PAYTRUST, YAHOO, MICROSOFT, 1AND1, Verizon, and AT&T? Just a quick top o’ the head list incomplete and in no particular order. Argh!

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SERVICE: Anther horror story of an old computer failing

On Saturday, I visited an old Jasper in the hospital. He was in for an emergency tune up. Hope he’s out by now. But, to the point, he was telling me his troubles with an unbacked up old Windoze box that was giving him fits. And, his family’s designated stuckee for tech support. Last time, he went through this, I pitched Mozy, Carbonite, or Pogoplug. Reprised that song.

On Sunday, I heard from a relative who’s old unbacked up Windoze box was circling the proverbial bowl. (Seems like “unbacked up” goes with “old Windoze box”.) Reprise my backup song.

Now I realize I’m crazed about it. Two belts and two suspenders.

My photos are on three live boxes, sugarsynced, carbonited, and pogopluged.

My data is on two live boxes, dropboxed, carbonited, and pogopluged.

Special projects are on one, two, or three live boxes, dropboxed, carbonited, and pogopluged. AND, boxneted.

I’ve lost work to Microsoft’s crappy solutions before.

Sure it’s messy, but if I lose something because I fat finger something, there’s always several places to recover from.


It’s only common sense.

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FUN:Luddite sent me a Laughing Baby video!119&parid=E96C39C9B735AB8C!110&authkey=!ABlb_nSM43Bpn4Y

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Yeah the whole 5 Gig file in an email. Argh! So, here it is for your enjoyment. Just the link; take the file if you want it. But why? You can just share the link. Think of all those electrons you’re saving.

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TECHNOLOGY: OFFICE2000 and version control

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Support for Office 2000 at an end

Speaking of Microsoft Office, if you’re still using Office 2000, you might want to consider upgrading. Microsoft ended extended support for the ten year old productivity suite earlier this week. There have been a great many improvements to the Office programs since that version, so it’s probably time for a change anyway.

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There’s something humorous calling Office2000 “ten years old”. It’s had more patches, fixes, and disasters; I felt on any given day I was dealing with a new monster. And, I never NEVER ever turn on auto updating.

No, Google Apps, isn’t much better.

I don’t have a good solution other than text files and printed copies.

Maybe the Luddite is rubbing off on me.


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PLATFORMS: Windoze7 is on the horizon

Will the Windows 7 RTM make an early entrance?

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The official release of Beta 1 of Windows 7 to the public is widely expected to occur next week. If all goes well with the remaining testing, indications are that the final, RTM (released to manufacturing) version will be available as early as August. Lending support to this theory is the fact that the end-user license agreement of Beta 1, like all recent prerelease versions of Windows 7, states that the software will expire Aug. 1, 2009.

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With a tip of the hat to the folks at WINDOWSECRETS.COM … …

Why do I feel like I have seen this “morality play” before?

Because we have?

Now everyone will be urged to test and upgrade asap. Hardware won’t support it? It’s an Intel / Microsoft treadmill. Intel needs you to buy more hardware so Microsoft makes fatter OSes. Microsoft needs you to send them money so they need to inflate their OSes with more “features”.

For what?

To do websurfing, email, wp, spreadsheets, and some slides.

Ya gotta be kidding!

If your platform works — which for most home users it does — sit tight.

Windoze cruds up over time. Fact of life. So focus your energy in a “refresh”.

Or move to Linux. With free software.

And. get off the treadmill entirely. It’s not taking you anywhere you want to go. Except to spending more money.

Computing should now be a commodity.

A very cheap one.


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SERVICE: “Windows Live SkyDrive” replaced “FOLDERSHARE” (No Opinion Yet)

Welcome to Windows Live SkyDrive Help

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Store, organize, and download your files, photos, and favorites (A website whose web address is saved on your computer or an online server so that you can access it quickly and easily.) on Windows Live servers for free. Share photos and files that you create with your friends, collaborate on documents, or display photos and files that you create to anyone on the Windows Live network (A group of people someone communicates and shares with on Windows Live. Someone’s network includes people they’ve added to their profile, to their Messenger contacts, or both. People in someone’s network can see information about their latest activities in the what’s new list, and may see other information, depending on permissions settings.) . When you sign in to the Windows Live SkyDrive website with your Windows Live ID (The e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to Windows Live programs and services such as Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger; Microsoft services such as Xbox LIVE, MSN, and Office Live; and other places where you see the Windows Live ID logo.) , you get:

   * Storage: Store up to 25 gigabytes (GB) of photos and files. The SkyDrive storage meter shows how much storage space you’ve used.

   * Organization: Arrange your files in top-level folders (A folder that appears in the Documents, Favorites, or Photos sections on the Windows Live SkyDrive home page. Also known as a root folder.) and subfolders (A folder that you create inside a top-level folder.) that you create.

   * Control: Choose permissions (A setting that lets you limit who can see and download files from your folders.) for each top-level folder that you create. Keep your photos, files, and favorites in personal folders (Only you can view or edit files in this top-level folder. You can use personal folders to store private files.) so only you can access them; in shared folders (Only you and people that you select can view photos and files in this top-level folder. For each person that you allow to access the top-level folder, you can assign the role of reader or editor.) so you can share them with your Windows Live network, your extended network (The people in your network on Windows Live—your Windows Live Messenger and profile contacts—plus the profile contacts of the people in your network.) , and people on your contact list (A list that contains the name and e-mail address of each of your contacts.) ; or in public folders (Anyone on the Internet can view photos and files in this top-level folder, but only you can edit the photos and files.) so that they can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.

   * Convenience: Keep track of your favorite websites even when you aren’t using your own computer.

   * Flexibility: Upload any photo or file up to 50 megabytes (MB) in size, and move, copy, delete, rename, and caption your photos and files after you upload them.

   * Display: Photos saved as the JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, and TIFF file types (A standard way of storing information on a computer by using the last three letters of a file name, known as the file extension, to indicate the file type. Different programs use different file extensions.) display with thumbnail (A miniature version of an image or electronic version of a page that is generally used to allow quick browsing through multiple images or pages.) images, and can be viewed by other users on SkyDrive or in an online slide show, if they have the right permissions to view them.

   * Sharing: Share links directly to your folders, files, and photos, or embed your photos and files in your blog (Short for weblog. An online journal. Each entry typically contains personal thoughts and web links, with the newest entries listed first.) or webpage. You can also let people know you’ve added their picture to SkyDrive by adding people tags (Textual data attached to a photo to refine its definition and meaning by identifying the person or persons in the photo.) .

*** end quote ***

Sigh. Didn’t migrate the FOLDERSHARE settings. Argh!

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