HARDWARE: Changing my opinions …

This last upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks appears to break stuff and change things.

Not for the better.

So, Apple has disappointed me. 

I now think they are in the same class as IOS7, Windoze, Linux, and Chromebook.

Each have their own advantages, disadvantages, and utility.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

Unfortunately, I just want to use the stuff to produce stuff. I don’t want to alpha test unless I volunteer.


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SERVICE: Anther horror story of an old computer failing

On Saturday, I visited an old Jasper in the hospital. He was in for an emergency tune up. Hope he’s out by now. But, to the point, he was telling me his troubles with an unbacked up old Windoze box that was giving him fits. And, his family’s designated stuckee for tech support. Last time, he went through this, I pitched Mozy, Carbonite, or Pogoplug. Reprised that song.

On Sunday, I heard from a relative who’s old unbacked up Windoze box was circling the proverbial bowl. (Seems like “unbacked up” goes with “old Windoze box”.) Reprise my backup song.

Now I realize I’m crazed about it. Two belts and two suspenders.

My photos are on three live boxes, sugarsynced, carbonited, and pogopluged.

My data is on two live boxes, dropboxed, carbonited, and pogopluged.

Special projects are on one, two, or three live boxes, dropboxed, carbonited, and pogopluged. AND, boxneted.

I’ve lost work to Microsoft’s crappy solutions before.

Sure it’s messy, but if I lose something because I fat finger something, there’s always several places to recover from.


It’s only common sense.

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TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft slips a “vulnerability” into Firefox


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When I first learned of this, three thoughts immediately flashed through my mind:

1) How the %#@! did I miss this?

2) The right way would have been to just publish the add-on at Mozilla’s Add Ons page.

3) This kind of makes you wonder what else MS is installing without your knowledge.

Then I found that I wasn’t the only one who had these ideas. Microsoft has heard these criticisms from others who long ago commented on this unfortunate development (see the comments underneath this post).

Anyway, I’m sure it’s not the end of the world, but it’s probably infuriating to many readers nonetheless. Firstly — to my readers — I apologize for overlooking this…”feature” of the .NET Framework security update. Secondly — to Microsoft — this is a great example of how not to convince people to trust your security updates.

By Brian Krebs | May 29, 2009; 7:40 AM ET

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One reason that I have left the Microsoft “flock” is their continued insistence on “secret hidden updates”. It similar to the problem of “cloud computing” in that your “production quality” software changes under your very nose!

The other huge reason is WGA aka as “You Pirate; You Screwed”. (I’ve had more legitimate copies of XP “nuked” by WGA after all sorts of trivial events!)

Linux everywhere anyone?

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PLATFORMS: Windoze7 is on the horizon


Will the Windows 7 RTM make an early entrance?

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The official release of Beta 1 of Windows 7 to the public is widely expected to occur next week. If all goes well with the remaining testing, indications are that the final, RTM (released to manufacturing) version will be available as early as August. Lending support to this theory is the fact that the end-user license agreement of Beta 1, like all recent prerelease versions of Windows 7, states that the software will expire Aug. 1, 2009.

*** end quote ***

With a tip of the hat to the folks at WINDOWSECRETS.COM … …

Why do I feel like I have seen this “morality play” before?

Because we have?

Now everyone will be urged to test and upgrade asap. Hardware won’t support it? It’s an Intel / Microsoft treadmill. Intel needs you to buy more hardware so Microsoft makes fatter OSes. Microsoft needs you to send them money so they need to inflate their OSes with more “features”.

For what?

To do websurfing, email, wp, spreadsheets, and some slides.

Ya gotta be kidding!

If your platform works — which for most home users it does — sit tight.

Windoze cruds up over time. Fact of life. So focus your energy in a “refresh”.

Or move to Linux. With free software.

And. get off the treadmill entirely. It’s not taking you anywhere you want to go. Except to spending more money.

Computing should now be a commodity.

A very cheap one.


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TECHNOLOGY: Don’t beleive tech support

Over on FACEBOOK, a fellow alum reported trouble connecting a Belkin Wireless Card to his home LAN.

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TRYING to get Elizabeth’s new wireless card working- Windows sucks!

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I had given him the following advice.

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Suggest downloading and burning the latest UBUNTU distribution. Run it as “LIVE” boot up disk. (As opposed to installing it.) THis will quickly connect to the home lan and tell you, for sure, that it is WINDOZE. That’s good confimation to have. When I have WINDOZE problems like that, I delete everything in sight. And the REBOOT cold three times. (Three times is essential, imho, because it keeps stuff around until it is purged out.) Then, magically, let WINDOZE rebuild the hardware images. WINDOZE does (magically) bring itself back from the dead. No chicken etrails required.

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He reported:

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“The computer had Windows XP from 2002 with no service packs. Even though Belkin said this wouldn’t matter- it did. I used an older wirless G card from another PC to connect to the router, ran the Microsoft XP updates and then put back the new card and it then worked fine.”

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I never thought about the Service Packs.

I responded:

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Thanks, Don. It’s the “after action” report with “lessons learned”. I was interested in. (I admit I thought you were still playing with it.) Interesting. I have a general problem with Microsoft Service Packs in that they apply “lots” of fixes. And, there usually on the tricky ones “no retreat” possible. It’s one reason, I have left the “Dark Empire” for good with respect to my “home” computing. An employer paying me can use what ever foolishness they want. I’m happy to collect a paycheck “checking chicken entrails” on Windoze. Personally, I just want stuff that works like the old telephone – cheap, flawlessly, every time, without thought. :-) Well at least that’s the illusion.

*** end quote ***

I still don’t like Service Packs due to the “sometimes you can’t go home again” nature of some of the fixes they apply.

That and the one size fits all nature.

And, you can’t “test”. We’re talking about most folks’ production environment now. You apply it and it breaks stuff, you’re screwed.


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