HARDWARE: Crony Capitalist Microsoft subtly restrains trade


Nvidia Removed Linux Driver Feature Due to Windows
By Kevin ParrishOCTOBER 3, 2013 1:28 PM – Source: Softpedia 
The reason seems a little contradictory.

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Softpedia points to a Nvidia Developer Zone forum post revealing that the company has removed a specific Linux feature as of the v310 drivers due to the Windows platform. A BaseMosaic user on Ubuntu 12.04 noticed a change in the number of displays that can be used simultaneously after upgrading from the v295 drivers to v310.

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Yet in v295, the Ubuntu user was able to get four monitors up and running. So why was BaseMosaic altered to support only three monitors instead? Nvidia explains. “For feature parity between Windows and Linux we set BaseMosaic to 3 screens,” said “Sandpit” of Nvidia’s Linux team.

What’s interesting here is that Nvidia’s proprietary Windows driver has features not found in the Linux drivers, but the company will remove specific Linux-only features for “parity.” The comment indicates that the three-screen limit has nothing to do with a degradation of quality when using four screens, but a possible Microsoft request/demand.

Nvidia’s driver documentation states that BaseMosaic can be used to extend a single X screen transparently across all of the available display outputs on each GPU.

“This is like SLI Mosaic mode except that it does not require a video bridge connected to the graphics cards,” the notes read. “Due to this Base Mosaic does not guarantee there will be no tearing between the display boundaries. Base Mosaic is supported on all the configurations supported by SLI Mosaic Mode. It is also supported on Quadro FX 380, Quadro FX 580 and all G80 or higher non-mobile NVS cards.”

It will be interesting to see if Nvidia returns four-monitor support back to its Linux drivers, given that the reason for removing the feature seems a little contradictory.

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Yeah, dumbing down the free market competitor is fair. But don’t do the something equivalent to the big guy.

Nvidia is taking a gamble.

Hope they pay for that decision.

Personally, I have placed them on my “Toshiba” list. Technology I will never buy. (Toshiba sold the US Navy sub quiet propeller design to Red China.) 

Like my “Jane Fonda” list, I have a very LONG memory.

Hope you all do too!

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UBUNTU: Playing with U 10.10 on Luggable

Running it from the “try it option” off a CD I just burned.

(Old hardware is fun! Didn’t remember how loud or how heavy this “notebook” was. There’s a reason I called it “luggable”. Reminds me of the old Kaypro suitcase.)

First try it just hung. Second reboot it just worked.

Had to configure the wifi but it appears to work nicely. (No, refusal to connect as under U8.

Just starting to play.

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PLATFORMS: Windoze7 is on the horizon


Will the Windows 7 RTM make an early entrance?

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The official release of Beta 1 of Windows 7 to the public is widely expected to occur next week. If all goes well with the remaining testing, indications are that the final, RTM (released to manufacturing) version will be available as early as August. Lending support to this theory is the fact that the end-user license agreement of Beta 1, like all recent prerelease versions of Windows 7, states that the software will expire Aug. 1, 2009.

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With a tip of the hat to the folks at WINDOWSECRETS.COM … …

Why do I feel like I have seen this “morality play” before?

Because we have?

Now everyone will be urged to test and upgrade asap. Hardware won’t support it? It’s an Intel / Microsoft treadmill. Intel needs you to buy more hardware so Microsoft makes fatter OSes. Microsoft needs you to send them money so they need to inflate their OSes with more “features”.

For what?

To do websurfing, email, wp, spreadsheets, and some slides.

Ya gotta be kidding!

If your platform works — which for most home users it does — sit tight.

Windoze cruds up over time. Fact of life. So focus your energy in a “refresh”.

Or move to Linux. With free software.

And. get off the treadmill entirely. It’s not taking you anywhere you want to go. Except to spending more money.

Computing should now be a commodity.

A very cheap one.


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Downloaded the latest release. Some platform problems getting it down, but got it. Luggable comes up on the live distribution clean. Connected to the home wireless network by selecting the network and supplying the admission password. Looks like we have something that will be my “production” release for my secondary desktop. Good bye Microsoft is on the horizon!

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