RANT: Buchanan’s “It’s all about race now” is on target for as far as it goes

Saturday, March 31, 2012


It’s all about race now
by Patrick J. Buchanan

*** begin quote ***

If it had been a white teenager who was shot, and a 28-year-old black guy who shot him, the black guy would have been arrested.

So assert those demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

And they may be right.

Yet if Trayvon had been shot dead by a black neighborhood watch volunteer, Jesse Jackson would not have been in a pulpit in Sanford, Fla., howling that he had been “murdered and martyred.”

*** and ***

For all the abuse he has received, Geraldo Rivera had a point.

Whenever cable TV runs hidden-camera footage of a liquor or convenience store being held up and someone behind the counter being shot, the perp is often a black male wearing a hoodie.

Listening to the heated rhetoric coming from demonstrations around the country, from the Black Caucus and TV talkers — about how America is a terrifying place for young black males to grow up in because of the constant danger from white vigilantes — one wonders what country of the mind these people are living in.

The real America is a country where the black crime rate is seven times as high as the white rate. It is a country where white criminals choose black victims in 3 percent of their crimes, but black criminals choose white victims in 45 percent of their crimes.

*** and ***

Some Sanford police believed Zimmerman; others did not.

But now that it is being investigated by a special prosecutor, the FBI, the Justice Department and a coming grand jury, what is the purpose of this venomous portrayal of George Zimmerman?

As yet convicted of no crime, he is being crucified in the arena of public opinion as a hate-crime monster and murderer.

Is this our idea of justice?

No. But if the purpose here is to turn this into a national black-white face-off, instead of a mutual search for truth and justice, it is succeeding marvelously well.

*** end quote ***

I hope we can get back to the search for “truth and justice”.

Which will probably land us in the middle somewhere. Like the victim was no angel, but probably innocent. And the shooter may have gone over the line by not stopping his pursuit quickly enough, but probably innocent.

And, both “sides” of the issue need to turn down the volume and turn up the understanding.

I think a lot of this tracks back to the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” and the Federal welfare destroying the Black Family and the Black Churches. And, as usual in this blog reflecting a fat old white guy injineer’s opinion, the trouble is with the Gooferment.

Dona Nobis Pacem!

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INSPIRATIONAL: Child’s awaking prayer

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Now I’m not much of a holy roller.

First Amendment!

Probably a testimony to the basic tension between my English Anglican Protestant maternal Grandmother and my Irish Catholic maternal Grandfather. Due to a divorce, I spent a lot of time under the watchful eye of said maternal Grandmother and my spinster Aunt.

So you can imagine the fun when I went to my First Day at Catholic grammar school, Annunciation, and the good Nun says something like “It’s now time to learn the Our Father.” (What were these kids doing for their whole lives? They couldn’t read, speak in cogent sentences, nor carry on a conversation about anything significant!) So little, fat future old white guy injineer, Johnny chimes up and says: (quotes because so I am told by my Mom who was for the first of many times called to the Principal’s office to discuss little Johnny Reinke’s behavior) “Sister, respectfully, I know that, Is there something I can substitute?”

Needless to say the Good Nun, Sister Euphemia, was stunned and said something to the effect of “let’s see what you got sonny”.

So, as taught, I respectfully riffed out the Lord’s prayer with reverence, resect, and in a fine loud voice. And ended with … “For THINE is the power and GLORY forever and ever. AMEN!”.

And the good Nun went into cardiac arrest.

And, of course, I was on the first of many many trips to the Principal’s Office.

Reading wasn’t much better. Given the First Grade Reader, we were told to “familiarize” ourselves with the concept of a book. (Are you kidding me?) “Sister, I’m done. Do you have something better? A novel. Even the Bible is better than this.” Off to the Principal. (Another quote courtesy of the Principal to my Mother. I’, sure my beloved maternal Grandmother did this to put the Papists in their place.)

Yeah, you get the picture.

Finally, I was assigned to the convent to read the Daily News and the Daily Mirror to the old Nuns. They got a kick out of it. Eyes failing, they were “retired”. (What stupid concept. These were some sharp ladies.) So they got to contribute to the school by keeping this “annoying boy” out of everyone’s hair during “religion” and “reading”.

(The Principal’s specific directions were nothing racy and NO sports. One Nun followed the ponies and another was a Hollywood Star struck. My first education in selective order following.)

Any way, one of the prayers I learned at the hands of the Women’s Justice League (i.e., Maternal Grandmother, Spinster Aunt, and two other Aunts brought in as relief watchers. Every time I screwed up one of them would be looking over my shoulder.) was “A Child’s Bedtime Prayer” (i.e., “Now I lay me down to sleep …” ending with an ever lengthening litany of people to pray for).

My question is: Shouldn’t there be a “child awakening prayer”? For example, “Now I rise to wake, the Lord’s Day, I’ll take, one foot forward for Courage, the other for Bravery, … …”!

Seems like the world is out of balance?

Only took me 65 years to realize it.

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POLITICAL: Canada starts to align retirement age with life expectancy; why can’t we?

Friday, March 30, 2012


Canada ups retirement age in bid to balance budget
By Michel Comte | AFP

*** begin quote ***

Canada’s center-right government called for the retirement age to be raised and for major public service cuts Thursday, in an austerity budget that aims to balance the books by 2016.

Tackling unpopular measures that many industrialized countries are being forced to consider as their populations age, the Canadian government said its budget would help the country move a step ahead.

“Other Western countries face the risk of long-term economic decline. We have a rare opportunity to position our country for sustainable, long-term growth,” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said in the House of Commons.

*** and ***

Flaherty said old age security and guaranteed income supplement benefits worth up to a total of Can$15,000 and now paid out at age 65 would be offered only at age 67, starting in 2023.

He also announced the withdrawal of the Canadian penny from circulation later this year, saying it costs more to produce than its face value. The move will save the government Can$11 million annually.

*** end quote ***

Seems a simple modest change. Will it make THAT much difference to folks who are 55 now.

I’d prefer something a little more dramatic at a much earlier age. Like 40’s go till they are 70. 30’s go to 75. 20’s go to 80.

And an annual “mark to market”. Remember life expectancy is supposed to top 100 in our life time.

I’d index it to inflation and means test it. If you’ve got 10M$, then you shouldn’t need the dole. Spend down to 10 and climb aboard.

Of course, ideally, everyone would be responsible for their own retirement. Like it was in the old days.

But then we were a free country!

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FUN: You’re_Not_A_Handyman_Until_You_Can_Do_This.wmv

Friday, March 30, 2012

[TIP ‘o’ the HAT to: LUDDITE]



ROFL! Real highbrow humor.

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SERVICE: Yahoo is now forcing a capcha on login

Friday, March 30, 2012

Can it get any more annoying?

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MONEY: FED screws retirees

Thursday, March 29, 2012


How the Fed Hurts Retirees
By Annalyn Censky | CNNMoney.com
Fri, Mar 23, 2012 1:08 PM EDT

*** begin quote ***

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates near zero since 2008, but the economic boost comes at the expense of these savers.

*** end quote ***

This is basically saying that the time preference for delaying consumption is ZERO!

When folks were planning their retirement decades ago, who would have guessed a zero interest rate scenario? Any financial advisor, who did, would looking for a job. There was always talk of the after tax interest rate minus the rate of inflation. That was figured at anywhere from 5 to 8%.

Yeah, right.

Now the after tax rate is ZERO and the inflation rate is guesstimate at 5%. (Pay no attention to the smoke and mirrors being blown up your <synonym for donkey> by the “news anchors”, the FED, politicians, and bureaucrats. You’ve seen the price of gas, the national debt, the amount of “dollars” being held by the various bailed out banks.)

The reason that the FED is holding the interest rate down is to allow the Gooferment to carry the national debt with ease.

The retirees are only one group that is being hurt.

There’s a long list; not the least of which is anyone considering making a capital investment. What is the true cost of capital? (I know some businesses that are making a 12% assumption. Based on historical averages in previous business plans.)

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IPAD: Penultimate interesting; catch a sale

Thursday, March 29, 2012


By Cocoa Box Design LLC

** The original, easiest-to-use, best-selling handwriting app for iPad. On sale.

**Penultimate gives you the fast, tactile gratification of writing on paper, with digital power and flexibility. Take notes, keep sketches, or share your next breakthrough idea — in the office, on the go, or home on the sofa.

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Caught it n sale and recommended it to the other “kids” in the family.

2012 03 27 note

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