RANT: Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizens?


March 8, 2012
Why Did FBI Director Robert Mueller Hesitate to Answer Question on the Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizens?

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FBI Director Robert Mueller told House lawmakers on Wednesday that he would have to go back and check with the Department of Justice on whether Attorney General Eric Holder’s justification for the targeted killing of Americans overseas also applied to Americans inside the U.S.

Earlier on Studio B, Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in, saying, “It’s not a question that we should have to ask and its not a question that he should’ve evaded answering.” Napolitano thinks Mueller knows the answer is no, but thinks he didn’t say that because he doesn’t want to frustrate his bosses who said yes a few days earlier.

“The Constitution says if the government wants your life, or your liberty or your property, it has to articulate to a jury what law you have violated and prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to that jury. It’s called due process. Without due process, the government could take anything it wanted and kill anyone it wanted. Attorney General Holder ought to know that, and I suggest that Bob Mueller does and the reason he evaded that answer is because he wants to keep his job.”

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Doens’t anyone else think that there is a lot wrong in the “Justice” department?

Shouldn’t America be that “shining city on the hill”?

How far we have fallen from the ideals of the Dead Old White Guys?


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SERVICE: YOUTUBE and “free” IPAD software

What’s wrong with the inet, the iPad, YouTube, and iPad clients?

Playing around with this stuff, I realized that google search is flawed. They drop a load of results. What I want is a curated list.

For example, in fooling around with an Alzheimer’s infatuation with Taylor Swift, did a search for her on the inet, YouTube, and such.

What a mess?

The results are not pretty. No taxonomy. No authenticity. Must drive her lawyers crazy.


“YouTube Presents Taylor Swift”

How useless is that?

They don’t “remember” where you are in a list, drop out and restart, and have User Interface that can be bewildering.

Here’s what I want.




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