IPAD3: has some problems

(1) Apple APPSTORE told me I forgot my password three times yay. Anyone who knows me and my tools knows that didn’t happen.

(2) Syncing my ipad3 to mcba (macbookair1) left it with about half the apps eternally waiting.

(3) Music files are “there” but unplayable.


Meanwhile ipad1 is stuck with updates that can’t be applied.


So much for moving to Apple because my problems with Microsoft!



TECHNOLOGY: APPSTORE concept is fraught with risk

No secret I bought the IPAD3 to replace my IPAD1.

It’s a disaster.

The reason?

The “appstore” concept.

With the IPAD3, you are forced to move from MOBILEME to ICLOUD.

Back in the old days, my Apple Id was “reinkefj”. Now that’s not allowed, it has to be an email address for “security purposes”.

“barbara streisand”!

(Haven’t heard ANY explanation of that claim. Nor any Press challenge of it.)

ICLOUD requires LION.

And, even then I can’t recover what was purchased on “REINKEFJ”. (Some was pay and some were free apps that have since gone pay.)


I like the “old days” when I got a disk to install. When and where I wanted to.

Even Microsoft’s lame “activation” and “fraud detection” forced me to move from Microsloth to Apple.

And, here comes the same nonsense.


Forewarned is forearmed. This is yet another attempt to make you pay again for what you’ve already bought.

I’m unhappy with the whole trend of our industry.

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