RANT: RUSH ain’t the devil


On the Rush controversy

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She was a trap, that Rush blundered into voluntarily, in that. (1) she is not some 22 year old young gal stretching her wings (she may be on mars but she deserves the respect that I would, and my fellow alums, would accord any female who was ever capable of bearing my children.) (2) she is a committed leftist democrat who has drunk the kool aide! (3) she is not some innocent who stepped in the middle of a firefight. She is NOT what she appears to be. Imho!

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You give the left way too much credit. Rush has been a misogynist for years. Three days of a tirade was not a slip of the tongue. Rush used to be funny now he nothing but a racist blowhard.

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It was just a question of who would “step in it first”. It was so obviously staged with outrageous estimates, that when I first read about her “testimony”, on one of the sites I follow, I thought: “What the <synonym for the act of procreation>!” “Secular Progressives” are smart and sly. Don’t underestimate them and their 50 year long world view.

When Rush was first on, I listened all the time. But I turned away because, imho, while correct on the “welfare state”, he was wrong about the “warfare” state. Us little L libertarians are all for defense. From time to time, I check back in. I don’t find him as bad as say Bill Mayer. (Who I think is just nasty and crude.)

I don’t find any of these folks as bad as the KKK. They’re “shock jocks” trying to proke interest to sell ads. Every so often they cross a line, but it’s to be expected. Like gong, makign noise, signifying nothing.

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