SOFTWARE: MARSEDIT v3.5 (5031) has what I’d call a “user interface” bug; resolved

Sunday, April 29, 2012

MARSEDIT v3.5 (5031) has what I’d call a “user interface” bug. It doesn’t crash, but it doesn’t respond the same as the old version and the result produced is “livable, but not as it once was”.

The last version (number unknown) on the macbookair a keyboard <shift><return> would do a “line feed”, but not a “carriage return”. This version <shift><return> and <return” act identical (i.e., extra white space of paragraph in the post).

So how do I get what I want?

I liked the old output. MarsEdit’s value has just dropped from 5* to 3*. Because now I’m asking what else has changed and what other bugs have been introduced?

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Excellent support from the folks at REDSWEATER.

Within hours I had a response.

It was a UI change. To do the old <shift><return> is just a <command><return>.

AND, they immediately agreed there should have been a “Heads Up”.

They now go from 3* back to 5* in my book.

As they say in the war movies: “That is all. Carry on!”.

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SERVICE: YOUTUBE and “free” IPAD software

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What’s wrong with the inet, the iPad, YouTube, and iPad clients?

Playing around with this stuff, I realized that google search is flawed. They drop a load of results. What I want is a curated list.

For example, in fooling around with an Alzheimer’s infatuation with Taylor Swift, did a search for her on the inet, YouTube, and such.

What a mess?

The results are not pretty. No taxonomy. No authenticity. Must drive her lawyers crazy.

“YouTube Presents Taylor Swift”

How useless is that?

They don’t “remember” where you are in a list, drop out and restart, and have User Interface that can be bewildering.

Here’s what I want.




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