INTERESTING: My restaurant pet peeve

Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Obnoxious Things Restaurants Need to Stop Doing
By: Felix Clay May 19, 2013

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#1. No Substitutions

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Any decent restaurant should allow you to make requests above and beyond the menu. Most restaurants do, in fact. But not all. Some ballsy restaurant owners always seem to pop up here and there to test the waters of human tolerance with their “no substitutions,” insinuating that you ordering food is somehow an inconvenience to them and you better take what you can get with a smile and a 15 percent mandatory tip. So when you want to order the shrimp alfredo but without any garlic because your garlic allergy may causes your eyes to bulge out Total Recall style, you should be allowed to. But this helpful restaurant refuses to alter their menu in any way.

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My pet peeve is to be ignored.

I think every restaurant should have a flag on the table. Put it up and you want attention.

Sad that your restaurant would need such, but most of them do!


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SERVICE: Yahoo is enforcing two factor authentication

Monday, March 26, 2012












At least Google lets you opt out. This is my fourth annoyance, since Friday.

Are they TRYING to run off their paying Customers??

AND for some reason, I have to do it twice. (When I don’t even want to do it once!)

And, I pay for this disservice.


Have to think of getting off this bunch of bozos.

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Your new two factor authentication STINKS. Today I had to double authenticate twice. It’s the same machine that I used last week when you forced me to take an SMS message. And, the email choice are ALL three dead addresses. Argh! I’m a Technology Profession. Call me if you want to discuss the issues. p.s., SMS is not NECESSARILY free.

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