FUN: Least valuable team …

reinkefj has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Least valuable team … love it.

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Many a true word is said in a jest.

Maybe the yes way to turn back Socialism is to make people laugh at it. If it’s not take seriously, then every time a politician makes a promise the TV will play a laugh track.

Many moons ago, Rush proposed a frame around the tv that just say “He’s Lying”. Seems appropriate for ALL politicians and bureaucrats!

Is that to cynical?

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POLITICAL: NEWSBUSTED silently calls BHO44 “worst”; disagree

NEWSBUSTED, who’s usually razor sarcasm I enjoy, in this episode, has a graphic that labels BHO44 “the worst president ever”.

imho, jury is still out, but he’s not even close to breaking into my second tier.

Sure he’s more corrupt than most say Clinton, who sold nights in the Lincoln bedroom, is still ahead of him. He’s not as inept as Grant, and honest man who was “run” by cronies. He hasn’t killed as many people as FDR / Truman and the A-bomb of Japanese civilians.

So, I’d dispute “the worst ever”. He has a long way to go to displace Lincoln.

See my “worst” page here on the blog for my reasoning. You’ll see he’s not even in the second tier. Let alone anywhere near Lincoln.

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