OBSERVATION: Not the the “Last Lecture”, but the Last Laff”


I’m in a corporate apartment two blocks away from work.

I’m waiting to close on a condo about 3 blocks away.

So the commute is, and will be, trivial.

Since I have “no life”, I work 7am to 6pm. And eat two meals in the cafeteria.

So, i guess it’s like prison?

Once I get a handle on my new job, I’ll get back to my writing.

Right now everything is hectic.

Which my relatives think is good for me. We’ll see.

They may be humoring “grumpy”, Ihe fat old white ingineer.

In order to grow the estate, that will allow them to live in the style that they’d like to become accustomed to.


Guess they’ve never read about some crazy old lonely loon who leaves everything to their cat.

And, they haven’t heard about me buying a dog called “Evlynn”.

He, who laffs last, laffs best?

Even if it’s a fat old white guy injineer!

With apologies to the “Last Lecture” fellow, <<<Randy Pausch, RIP 2007 at age 47>>>, who taught me “the fake” and the definition of “brick walls”.

# – # – # – # – #