FUN: Commenting on Key West Lou’s blog of his newspaper quote

>government doesn’t need to tell us how to save

Sounds like you have a spark of a “little L libertarian” in you?

Hmmm, how best to fan it?

Pointing out that the Gooferment steals from the poor to give to the rich (i.e., reverse robin hood)?

Reminding you that genocide can’t be done without the Gooferment power?

Demonstrating that “drunken sailors” only spend their own money, unlike the bozos in Congress?

Maybe pointing out that Goldman Sachs has already found a loophole and is avoiding the new “finanical reform” bill?

Nope! It has to be that the Gooferment has no role in marriage. It’s perhaps at best a matter for society to work out through the peaceful associations like Churches, fraternal organizations, or even biker bars. Gooferment’s involvement in marriage comes from the racist southern politicians and now is justified by “benefits”. Get the Gooferment out of the “benefits” business and it can exit stage left and leave the people in peace.

Yup, that HAS to be the “winning argument”.

MYOB should have been the national motto. And, especially, the Gooferment should stick to its two Constitutional roles: protecting the people form force or fraud.

Shall I send you a membership application?

LOL, there ain’t no little L libertarian “club”. Libertarians are like kittens! Hard to find two that agree on anything. But, in general, every one of them recognizes the right of the people to be left alone and figure it out for themselves.

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