RANT: BHO44 on the View

As Beck says: “Makes blood come out of your eyes!”

Argh! cubed.

He talks about job creation, but ignores the uncertainty in taxes, regulation, healthcare, healthcare insurance, benefits, … … (why would anyone take on new obligation.

He conveniently ignores the end of year tax hike!

He ignores his promise of peace.

He talks about poll ratings and rightly says who cares.

He goes thru a litany of things he’s done.

We’ll see if it makes any difference.

He’s very telegenic and comes across as just one of the girls.

Unfortunately, he’s a politician and has trained in a “Jedi like” mind control.

Sorry, but I still see the guy who won’t release his papers, worshiped at Reverend Wright’s church, had a ghost written book advanced as his own, studied under the terrorist Saul Alinsky, and got his home mortgage from Tony Rezko.

How can you tell that a politician is lying?

# # # # #

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