JOBFINDING: You should ALWAYS be adding to your skill set

You Can (and Should) Learn Almost Anything for Free
OCT 1, 2021, 2:00 PM EDT 

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Picking up a second language can lead to a salary increase of around 2%. It also opens up a range of new careers and could easily make a difference in a job interview. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise are free, fun, and provide a solid base for picking up an additional language. Admittedly, they can only take you so far. But it is still totally possible to achieve fluency for free if you hop on to something like Reddit’s Language Exchange and find a native speaker to help practice your skills.

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When I think of all the time in my life I wasted do Quadrant 4 activities (i.e., not important and not urgent), I have an eternal regret.

If I had learned Chinese or Japanese, then how much easier would it have been to get ANOTHER job on Wall Street?

Don’t waste your time like I did.  You only have so much!



How to Get Inspiring Ideas for Starting a Part-time Business

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But before getting started, any part-time business venture should work within the following parameters:

It should not conflict with your full-time job (i.e., it won’t cause you to be fired)

It shouldn’t require a lot of capital to get started

It should be within the realm of your skills, abilities and interests

You should have at least some knowledge of the profession or industry (if not, get some before you start)

It needs to be doable on a part-time basis — not all businesses are

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Jason Alba of JibberJobber has the idea that the future belongs to those who can have ten part-time jobs.

Each consisting of 4 hours each on average and that generate 10% of your desired income.

He’s not ruthless about any of the numbers; just the concept.

I’ve tried that when I was consulting and it was pretty effective as long as you could keep the sales funnel full.

The hard part was doing just that.

Still, I think he is correct. Especially as I see the may employers treat employees.

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